10 Signs That You Should Ditch Your Friend ...


10 Signs That You Should Ditch Your Friend ...
10 Signs That You Should Ditch Your Friend ...

For me, friendship is a beautiful connection between two beings. And regardless of the similarities and differences, friendships flourish because of mutual respect and love between the two parties. With this, it goes without saying that the truest friendships are those that have nothing but positivity and growth to offer. But there are times when a friend of ours brings us nothing but sadness and negativity. This is one sign that you need to cut him/her out of your life. Aside from this, there are other signs that you have need to ditch your friend. Read on to learn about them.

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He/she Can’t Be Happy for You

Real friends are happy for your accomplishments. They don’t feel envious or sad when you succeed in achieving your goals. If your friend has a negative attitude towards your success, then you should think about letting him/her go.


He/she is Fair-weathered

When your friend comes to you only during times of need or when you have something to offer, then you can consider him/her a fair-weathered friend. You should consider letting this person go. Real friends are there in the good times and bad times.


He/she is Needy and Possessive

Many people become friends out of the need for companionship. However, like in romantic relationships, neediness, insecurity, and possessiveness are not easy things to put up with. If your friend possesses these traits and they are putting a strain on your actions, then maybe you need say goodbye to him/her.


He/she Tries to Control You

We have freewill for a reason. We can make our own decisions and act as we deem fit. But there are people who enjoy telling you what to do and how to act. If you are friends with such an individual, then it’s time to reclaim your freedom. Exercise your free will and set him/her free.


He/she Thinks Poorly of You

Let’s admit it, there are some things that we can do better than our peers. It’s normal for people to feel superior to others once in a while. But if someone constantly shoves his/her superiority in your face, then that can get really annoying. Don’t put up with so-called friends who always patronize and look down on you.


He/she Pulls You down

I have nothing against supporting friends in their times of need. But there are some people who are so resistant to change that they don’t want others to improve. You need to let go of your friend who pulls you down into his/her pit of self-pity.


He/she is Mean to You and Your Other Friends

This should be a no-brainer. It’s a waste of time and energy to deal with individuals who are mean to you and the people in your life. They leave everyone feeling stressed and worked up. Don’t feel too bad when you put a stop to your friend’s mean streak.


He/she is a Parasite

A parasitic relationship is beneficial for the parasite but unfavorable for the host. If your friend always takes and never gives back, then he/she may be a parasite mooching off your resources. A relationship is a two-way street where both parties give and take. If you friend refuses to give something to your friendship, then you should let him/her go.


He/she Puts You in Danger

I have nothing against having fun and adventure with friends. But if they constantly do things despite the danger involved, then I wish to take no part in it. You should considering making the same decision if you have a friend who always leads you into dangerous predicaments.


He/she is Unreliable and Dishonest

Trustworthiness and reliability are two things that we should look for in our friends. We need to know that they will be there for us just as we are willing to be there for them. If your friend regularly exhibits signs of unreliability and dishonesty, then you should be honest with yourself. You need to let him/her go.

We sometimes miss these negative traits during the initial phase of the friendship. If your friend has one or more these traits, then it’s time to think twice. You should know when friendship is doing you more harm than good. Assert your right to be treated with respect and love. Now it’s your turn. What are other instances that will compel you to say goodbye to a friend?

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thank you, I kept my distance in a hope everything will cool off....

told my friend the meaning of a parasite and tried to hint he was tapping into my resources way too much. He didn't listen so I ended up having to cut him loose and keep it moving. It wouldn't be the first time.\

I have a friend who likes to bring me down and never sticks up for me in anyway like broke up with this guy and he went around telling everybody I had a hussy fit and smashed it on the ground wich I didn't and everybody beleived it untill I explained that he only said that to me because I dumped him and everybody but that girl beleived me so everytime I mess something up she will bring that up just to pit me down ... O ... And she is a gymnast and I've broke my arms twice so she keeps telling me that I'm weak and everytime something doesn't go her way she tells me that she can beat me up in a second a tries to hurt me..... Should I make a big deal about this...? ***** I smashed the laptop on the ground and broke it

It is a hard time to have good friends.

hi denise, thanks for your reply...well, their insensitivity is killing me..iv stopped bullying them and right now im able to move on and just contain my emotion...they have a subtle way of getting back to me and i know they are doing it on purpose, i have always been the vocal person in the group, specially when i feel something is wrong, i raise it up right then and there...now, they don't even care about my sudden change of heart..no effort from them..they sort of accepted it w/ open hands..it's me against them..before when i tried talking to them they acknowledge their fault and still do the same thing..and i can't see myself being back w/ them again..

your article made me realize something, i am the friend likely to be ditched..though not normally bec with my friends, i was feeling it was only a one way thing (u know, myself always the giver)...after realizing that, i sort of play the 'mean girl' towards my friend...im guilty of bullying ...that is.. am i a bad person?

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