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You have probably heard the saying that “friends are a dime a dozen.” The real truth is that a friend is one whose value exceeds any price. True friends are there when life is at its worst. Every person needs a circle of friends they can call on when the going gets tough. But, who makes up this circle of friends? Following is a list of the friends you need to complete your circle.

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A Listener

There are times when you as a person just need to be heard; a time to vent and let all things bottled up inside loose. A listener friend will always listen to you no matter what. We all need sounding board, and we all need to be a sounding board at times too.


A Comedian

No question laughter does the heart good. And when you are sad or depressed, laughter is always the best medicine. Make sure you have a friend in your circle who will make you laugh, and bring a little levity to any situation. You might even notice that you have a lot more than one comedian in your group, and that's fantastic!


An Encourager

An encourager is someone who will always help you find the silver lining in those dark stormy days that sometimes is just life. They are the brightest optimist of the group. Or maybe you're the optimist and encourager of your circle?


A Reminder

Sometimes we need to be reminded of how blessed we truly are. Our reminder friends help us to look back at good times; good memories give us energy to surmount the bad times.


A Realist

Putting on a false front is another way we suppress feelings. It is important to have at least one friend with whom you can let it all out and be real. A realist sees reality as truth and as we know, the truth will set you free. You don't need a downer in your group, just a friend who tells it like it is, and who can see truth from lies.


An Emotionalist

At times we simply feel like exploding. At times like this, it is we need an emotionalist friend to let us know it is OK to cry or be angry, to encourage us to show our real emotions. Remember, though, that none of our friends wants to feel dumped on, so once in a while, you need to be the shoulder to cry on.



This person is most important and fundamental to a true friendship. They are the one who calls you to task and challenges you to be better. They are the one who asks the tough questions and encourages you to be the best you can be.

Friends have no price tag, friendship is not about money. Your circle of friends is essential to your happiness and stability; a complete circle of friends makes your life complete. What do you look for in friends?

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An optimist is a must

I totally agree. An optimist!

I am the total optimist in my friend group, but so much sometimes that i kinda live in my own little word sometimes. I have a friend who is suuuuch a realist. She always tells me to stop thinking like that because it probably won't happen. I always tell her to stop being so pessimistic I love her and we argue almost 24/7 but no one ever wins. My friends are awesome :D

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