7 Ways to Get out of a Mugging ...


7 Ways to Get out of a Mugging ...
7 Ways to Get out of a Mugging ...

A mugging can be a very traumatic experience apart from also resulting in loss of money and valuable belongings. There are many precautions you can take to avoid being mugged, but of all these precautions fail and you find yourself face to face with a mugger, here are 7 ways to get out of a mugging.

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Make a Call

If you are afraid that the person approaching you could pose a threat, take your mobile phone out and make a call to someone who is close by. Make sure you can be heard and say loudly and clearly that you may be in trouble. Most muggers will stay clear if they think you can give their description to someone on the phone.


Call 911

If you go beyond doubt and are absolutely certain that you are on the verge of being mugged, call 911 while you can. Make sure you can be heard loud and clear and state your location and the fact that you are in fear for your life.


Run towards Crowded Areas

If you are close enough to a crowded place like a café and you are absolutely certain that you can outrun your would-be mugger, then you may want to make a run for it. However, if you are not so sure about being able to get away, then the best way to get out of a mugging is not to antagonize the mugger.


Shout for Help

If you are in a decent area and you think shouting for help might actually do you any good, only then shout for help. Only do this, if you are sure of getting results or scaring away the mugger. Else, you will only end up antagonizing him.


Don’t Be Confrontational

This is not a good time to pick a fight. Especially, if the mugger is armed, it is best to avoid any kind of argument with him. If he gets too angry, he may lash out at you and injure you in the process.

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Comply with His Demands

If you see no way out, the best thing to do to get out of a mugging is to comply with the demands of the mugger without creating any hassles. Your aim should be to get out of the situation as soon as possible without any bodily harm. Your life is more important than your possessions.


Make Note of His Appearance

Without making direct eye contact, try and get his description as best as you can. Make a note of his height, his size, his hair color, his eye color, his clothes, any distinguishing scars or marks on his body. The better you can describe him to the police, the better are your chances of recovering your lost possessions.

It is true that if you let the mugger get away, you will lose some possessions of value, especially things like cash, watch, jewelry, phone, mp3 player, etc. As far as bank cards are concerned, you can always get them to stop payment. Worry about getting out safe and sound by following these 7 ways to get out of a mugging rather than with all your possessions intact.

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