7 Ways to Deal with an Ill Tempered Boss ...

So, you have an ill tempered boss? It’s driving you crazy and wreacking havoc on your work performance. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth even after work hours. But, you need your job and there is no way out? So, what can you do to cope with the situation? Here is a list of 7 ways to deal with an ill tempered boss.

1. Do Not Respond in Kind

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Being ill tempered with an ill tempered boss will only lead to shouting matches and undoubtedly, you will emerge as the loser. Do not provoke your boss to do his worst by showing your worst side to your boss.

2. Use Humor to Cope

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Humor is the best way to deal with the stress caused by an ill tempered boss. Instead of letting bad incidents upset you, try to laugh them off. It may not always be possible to see the sunny side of the situation, but practice makes man perfect. This is one of the best ways to deal with an ill tempered boss.

3. Do Everything Right

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Make sure that you do not give your boss a reason to be upset with you. Ask for clear instructions, request clarification when in doubt and make sure that you do everything right as far as possible. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but try and avoid them as much as possible.

4. Find a Mentor

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Having a mentor in the company can be of great advantage. He or she doesn’t even have to be in the same department as you. You can use them as sounding board and also get valuable suggestions and advice from them. Just make sure there is no conflict between them and your boss.

5. Keep a Journal of Incidents

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There are two very important benefits of doing this. On one hand, you will find that writing about bad incidents that have occurred helps relieve stress. On the other hand, this journal can be extremely useful at a later date. When you are asked to review your boss or when you are leaving the company, you may want to use the details from this journal.

6. Talk to Your Boss

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This can be one of the very effective ways to deal with an ill tempered boss. If you think it will work, schedule a meeting with your boss and let him know how his ill temper is affecting you and your work performance. It is possible that your boss appreciates your feedback and is willing to change.

7. Keep Your Options Open

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Keep at your job, but keep your options open. Knowing that you are looking for other opportunities will itself help relieve some stress. And eventually, you will find something else that you can leave this job for.

These 7 ways to deal with an ill tempered boss are easy to follow and have been proven to be effective. Just keep calm, bide your time and do your job well in the meantime.

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