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8 Ways to Be Nicer Online ...

By Meream

Remembered that Glee episode where Coach Sylvester hired a few students to be hecklers at a Glee Club performance?They admitted to Ms. Holly Holiday how they feel braver about insulting people because they can do so online and experience no repercussions. It's sad, isn't it? Makes you wonder how people can forget to be decent simply because they are protected by "anonymity." I never want to feel that way so I wrote here ways to be nicer online as a reminder. I hope that these help you, too. Take note, these simply cover how one should leave comments or interact with bloggers.

1 Manners, Manners, Manners

Don't be rude. Never say "You're fat! That's is an ugly dress! How can you write this? This is stupid!" Remember that the person who wrote the blog is A PERSON. He or she has feelings. You also need to keep in mind two things: not everyone shares your opinion on things and that nobody's perfect.

2 Fix Your Caps Lock Key

Fix Your Caps Lock KeyPhoto Credit: cdw9

One of the ways to be nicer online is to be aware of how your comment or message will appear. An all caps statement, especially if it's not the gushing kind, will make you sound angry, demanding, or just plain rude. And if you end that comment with a gazillion exclamation points, that's just not right. Now you may not be saying anything rude or something like that but really, it matters, as demonstrated by The Oatmeal.

3 Just Click X

As mentioned above, not everyone shares your point of view. So if you don't agree with the blogger, you don't have to say anything about it. Like your grandma used to tell you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." And if the blog or website does not fit your tastes or never contains anything that you're looking for, never visit it again. It's simple, really. If you keep reading, you'll get stressed out. So be kind to your heart, and just close the page. Just walk away.

4 Pretend...

Pretend...Photo Credit: ohhector

Being able to hide behind an ANONYMOUS comment or knowing that the blogger will not likely show up at your doorstep is no reason to act like a nasty human being. One of the ways to be nicer online is to pretend how your message will be conveyed in real life. Imagine saying "This is stupid!" to the blogger's face. Would you be able to say it? Yes? Well, then, there is no help for you here. I kid, I kid.

5 Sarcastic? Funny?

You have to be careful if you're trying to be sarcastic of funny. Often, the tone of your statement will not be understood. The world wide web limits language or communication that way.

6 Does It Really Matter?

Does It Really Matter?Photo Credit: minipixel

Will the sun not set if you don't let the blogger know how you feel? Will sleep elude you? Will it change your world? You have to pick your battles.

7 Constructive Criticism

There's a big difference between criticizing someone's opinion or post and criticizing someone. You can criticize the way a blogger presents his or her ideas or the ideas in general but never do it in a way that disparages his or her intelligence.

8 For the Bloggers

For the BloggersPhoto Credit: JD Hancock

If you happen to be the recipient of these rude comments, repeat after me: "Lah-dee-dah haters gonna hate, it's his/her problem." Sure, you don't deserve to be treated that way since your blog does not promote hatred or being rude to others (believe me, blogs like those exist) but you'll be doing yourself a favor by simply ignoring them.

To those who have blogs, do you happen to have more things to add on ways to be nicer online? We'd love to hear your ideas!

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