7 Ways to Prevent Road Rage ...


7 Ways to Prevent Road Rage ...
7 Ways to Prevent Road Rage ...

Whether we want to admit it or not we have probably all dealt with road rage at one point or another; no matter what, though, it's important to know several ways to prevent road rage. The phenomenon inevitable-you're running late, you're having a bad day, you get cut off unfairly-we all have our reasons! But that doesn't mean it's ok to have road rage. Here is my list of 7 ways to prevent road rage. You don't need therapy or anger management classes! Just read my list and you will be good to go as long as you apply these tips when driving. Are you ready? Well, keep on reading!

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Get Plenty of Sleep

It's quite a well-known fact that when a person is sleep deprived or tired, their emotions are bound to be a little more pronounced. You can make sure YOU are not the one with raging emotions simply by making sure you get your zzzzzz's. If you know you need to be up early, be responsible and go to bed on time! That's the adult way to do it! And trust me, your driving experience after a night of rest will be much better off!


Turn down the Music

Listening to loud or upbeat music when driving can encourage road rage because it can get you pumped up. It makes more sense to listen to relaxing music if you are prone to road rage. Classical or jazz music can also block out annoying traffic sounds. Another reason to turn down the music? You may not hear a car that is fast approaching at a four way stop if you are rapping it out!


Be Considerate

Remember to drive considerately. Treat others how you would want to be treated when behind the wheel. One way to prevent road rage is to stop and think, "Maybe the person driving the car in front of me is driving slow because she has a crying baby that she is trying to deal with or because she is on the phone with a very important conversation." It's not all about you! Don't take everything personally.


Take Your Time

Take your time-literally! One of the leading causes of road rage is because someone is running late or in a hurry. Give yourself plenty of time to get somewhere. Leave 10 or 15 minutes early in case of traffic. You will be surprised at how calm you can remain behind the wheel when you aren't feeling the pressure of a deadline!


Ask Yourself Why

Have you ever stopped and thought about how dumb it really is to get mad at another driver? No matter how stupid or dangerous their actions are, it's not going to change anything if you get mad and yell at them. Do you plan to pull over, get out and fist fight it to the end? No, of course not! So ask yourself why you are getting worked up. Is it because of a stressful day or another underlying reason? Remain calm and think like an adult. Once you know the real issue, you can deal with it upfront!


Breathe Deeply

Here's a great way to prevent road rage. If you do feel your temperature starting to rise because of another driver, stop and breathe deeply and rapidly for 5 seconds. Breathe from your stomach, which helps you to control anger. Remind yourself that it's just driving, it's not like you just lost your job or got punched in the face. Try and count to 10 before you say anything. If you do need to say something, try and keep your tone normal and your words kind. This will help you to start controlling road rage on a healthy level.


Be Kind

The very best way to prevent road rage is to always, always, always be kind. It's simple. Is there a point to getting worked up? Do you benefit from your own anger? Of course not! You only feel stressed out and empty! So be kind and try to be understanding no matter the situation. I'm sure the other driver will be as well!

We are all bound to have a moment or two behind the wheel when we just have to lose our cool or let a few mean words slip. But by keeping things in perspective, you can make sure these times are few and far between. Keep your emotions in check and things are bound to go much more smoothly for you when on the road! Please comment below if this article was a help to you! Also, do you know any other ways to prevent road rage?

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