8 Signs It's Only a Rebound ...


8 Signs It's Only a Rebound ...
8 Signs It's Only a Rebound ...

I have witnessed this many times before. A guy or girl get out of a relationship and immediately jump into another only to realize that they are not ready for anew relationshipyet and what they have been doing is just using the individual. It is obvious, to everyone, that the other person is a rebound. Here are some signs that indicate a rebound so you can recognize it immediately.

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You Constantly Think of Your Ex

Even when you are with the new person, you are still thinking of your ex. You can’t seem to get him or her off of your mind, no matter what you do. You may also find yourself talking about him/her quite a bit.



Whenever you think of the times you and your ex had together (you do that a lot), you tendto get really depressed. You tend to miss the times the two of you had together.


You Regret the Breakup

In fact, you wish that you were able to control time. You want to go back in time and remain together. You wish that the breakup never happened in the first place as it tears you apart, even to this day.


You Follow Your Ex

You look and dig for the latest news on your ex. You constantly look at his Facebook, so you know what is going on in his life. Plus if you happen to find out that he is dating someone new, you get really angry and upset. This is a sign that you haven't moved on and you are certainly not over your exjust yet.


You Look at Old Photo Albums

You are constantly looking at photo albums of him and you. You can’t seem to take the old picture of him off of your dresser.



You are already with someone new in life. However, you want to change things about that individual you are with. You want to change them into being like your exwas.



You start calling your ex again. At every chance you get to talk with your ex, you are sure to take advantage of it. If you are not able to call him on the phone, then you are sure to e-mail him or meet him on messenger. However you may stack it, you find a way to talk to him.


Harass Your Ex

Do you remember how I told you you would go into a rage when you found your ex was with someone new? Well, there you are harassing your ex because of your jealousy. You make prank calls, you stalk and you harass your ex. You might need to calm down for a bit with this one and take a breather.

Those are 8 signs that the new "relationship" is only a rebound. When one is in a rebound relationship, they will only end up hurting the one they are with. However, I have also witnessed times where the individuals fall in love with each other and get out of the rebound stage. Just because you are in the rebound stage does not mean it is going to continue. So, what about you? Are you in a rebound stage right now?

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I'm glad I do not experience any of these signs :)

Oh, if only I had read this a few months ago..... :/

ive been constantly comparing all the guys ive dated with my ex. it feels like im looking for someone exactly like him... ssssssaaaaddddd i know.

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