10 Facebook Dating Mistakes We've All Made ...


10 Facebook Dating Mistakes We've All Made ...
10 Facebook Dating Mistakes We've All Made ...

Everyone knows one. That lovely girl who was amazing single, but when love struck them, it seemed to knock out their brains. In the past, crazy episodes would be experienced only by close friends, who wouldn’t bring them up again and we could move on happy no one would ever know. These days, Facebook is involved. Here are ten <a title="Top 7 dating mistakes …" href="https://allwomenstalk.com/top-7-dating-mistakes/">dating mistakes you really shouldn’t make, but everyone does...

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The Joint Account

The Joint Account Photo Credit: Noora Bint Abdulrahman [ RockYou] 365

AdamAndSarah has just added you as a friend, tagged you in lots of pictures, commented on all of your statuses and sent you a message about a very private subject. But which one?! Adam, or Sarah?! This is so annoying. You are separate people. Have separate accounts!!!


Angry Updates

Angry Updates Photo Credit: alasdair.d

You think you are being sly, posting something bitchy about your latest argument, or suddenly messaging all the men you know. You aren’t. Everyone can see through it, and just about everyone is mentally unfriending you right now.


Your Albums

Your Albums Photo Credit: buechertiger

Okay, so photos of you at a tourist attraction, or a family event, or a holiday can be sweet, and at weddings, we love to take a peek. But the same photo of you nine thousand times with fifty different Photoshop effects and cutesy comments isn’t fun to look at, and gets quite queasy. Keep them saved on your computer, for your eyes only!


The Relationship Status

The Relationship Status Photo Credit: Penny Kim

Okay, so you’ve been on a few days, and maybe one of you has spent the night. You text each other alot, and he is the only person you ever talk about... your friends feel like they know everything about him. Then you add him as your partner in Facebook... and he declines. Your heart sinks, and you cry for hours. Wait... establish an offline relationship, and go online afterwards.


Wall Messages

Wall Messages Photo Credit: firoze shakir photographerno1

So you’ve had your first date, and it went fine. And you get home and discuss it with your friends, and then look at his facebook... and add a few of his friends, leave a cutesy thanks for the date and comment on some facebook statuses. One of my friends even added her dates entire family... keep it low key, until you’ve established yourselves as a couple. You’ll save awkwardness and embarrassment!



Bitterness Photo Credit: Bobshaw

Inevitably, you’ll break up at some point, or he might move on. Some things don’t work out, and the majority won’t...most people have four relationships before finding the one, so you’ll experience some heartache. Resist the urge for bitter facebook messages and tagging him in bad pictures online. And leave his new girlfriend alone. Move on with dignity, and if you can’t trust yourself, distance yourself from Facebook for a while!


Funny Group Syndrome

Funny Group Syndrome Photo Credit: tokyofashion

Looking at my Facebook right now, some of my friends have recently joined “I would love to sleep with stripper”, “I love to flirt when I am drunk”, and “I hate men and love my vibrator”. Imagine what your date, or god forbid your parents, would think. They might seem funny or ironic for five minutes, but just read the wall and then leave. It’s the dignified thing to do!


Too Much Information

Too Much Information Photo Credit: monica hamburg

We don’t need to know that you’ve just slept together, or that make up sex is amazing, or that he loves your new underwear. We just don’t need to know. Think about what you’d be happy to tell the next person who comes to your door, and if you wouldn’t tell them, don’t tell Facebook, either. Your boss could be looking!


Don’t Be Passive Aggressive

Don’t Be Passive Aggressive Photo Credit: Margot-

At the same time that we don’t need to know exactly how in love you are, we don’t need to hear about every fight, either. And having a drink and posting on his friends walls is never a good idea...a friend of mine once found every member of a stag party on Facebook, and covered their walls in messages asking them if they’d enjoyed ruining their night by stealing their boyfriend. Wow.


Don’t Litter

Don’t Litter Photo Credit: The Pottery Place

When a random third party comments on something, and he comments, don’t feel the need to comment back. And if you do, and he does too, don’t respond again. They didn’t want their status to turn into a discussion about what to do at the weekend, a fake argument or a schedule check, and it’s distracting. Don’t litter facebook!

When you are hit by young love, it can really hit you for six, and things you think are enthusiastic and cute are a bit scary and weird. Seriously, though, make these mistakes and you’ll be left with only one friend...yourself! Have you spotted an annoying dating habit on Facebook? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: boite-en-valise

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I have noticed ALOT of my friends that are in relationships will brag about it, every single second, on facebook. Thats not where it stops though..They then also like to rub it in everyone else's face by saying things like "I can't believe there are actually people out there that are single. Having someone is so much better!!" I mean really?? Its not OUR fault we're single, but they act like they are above everyone else because they are in a relationship, and just because they are in a relationship doesnt mean that I need advice from you. Your not like a relationship guru because you've been in a relationship for two weeks with 'the love of your life' when you and I both know, in less than a month that 'love of your life' is gonna be someone else.

Facebook is usually where the gossip is at. People get snoopy and nosy and that is basically the source of everything about anyone now a days where I live. Common sense, if you want people to butt out of your life and stop talking about you, quit posting obvious fights, hostile statuses, problems about your relationship and every detail about your day. No wonder people know everything? Ohh! Next time you're confident about your relationship, rethink changing your status from single to in a relationship 10 times before you two are committed. People will doubt you guys so dont act so surprised when someone shoots you a dirty look when you say you're getting married! :D

I absolutely agree with #1! I have this problem with my aunt and uncle. It's really confusing!!

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