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Top 7 Dating Mistakes ...

By Fawn

We’ve all been in a doomed relationship or two in our lifetime, but most of the time, those doomed relationships are doomed by the mistakes that we make. Well, no more. The following is a list of the most common relationship mistakes for you to avoid!

1 Talking about Your Ex

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Telling your guy about your past when he asks is fine, sometimes you just have to know when to put the lid on all of that. It’s ok to speak about your past, it’s another thing entirely to reminisce on multiple occasions. Don’t tell your new man all the thingsyour ex did to make you mad ormake you laugh.Let him find your buttons without you having to tell him about them.

2 Playing Games

Playing GamesPhoto Credit: alibubba

Keeping a few mysterious traits in your relationship keeps things interesting, playing head games just makes things go bad pretty quickly. The person you’re with shouldn’t feel like a pawn in some elaborate relationship chess game you’ve created. If you want ahappy relationship, don’t play games, you may wind up losing your fellah.


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3 Not Being Honest about Your Needs

Not Being Honest about Your NeedsPhoto Credit: Bug-a-Lug (",)

You know how communication is key to any great relationship? No? Then I’m going to go ahead and say that your relationships aren’t as successful as you’d like them to be. You need to be honest about the direction you want things to go in. If you don’t tell him where you want things to go, things are going to either stay solitary or go in whichever direction he decides to take them.

4 Getting Physical Too Soon

Getting Physical Too SoonPhoto Credit: ·BigGolf·

The biggest problem withbringing sex in too soon is that once it’s brought in, it can’t be taken out. And if you don’t have anything else to base your relationship on, that’ll become the main focus. And when that focus loses fizzle or just doesn’t happen, you’ll begin to see the cracks in your relationship.

5 Being Too Clingy

Being Too ClingyPhoto Credit: futureancient

There’s not a whole lot of things that can ruin a relationship faster than clinging. You have to have your own life. A constant stream of textsis cute when that’s the main line of communication but sometimes, you have to take a break. Let him come to you. Before you become a stage five clinger.

6 Always Saying Yes

Always Saying YesPhoto Credit: madelyn * persisting stars

This ties in to having your own life and not being too clingy. If your guy asks you outeveryday, you cannot say yes every time. Take a day or two in between if you’re not busy. But saying yes all the time makes you look a little bit desperate and like you don’t have a lot going on. Be busy but available. Let him know that you’d like to see him but you have plans!

7 Having the Commitment Talk Too Soon

Having the Commitment Talk Too SoonPhoto Credit: Location is Everything

The night after you meet is not the time to talk about how long you plan to be together, just like the week after you meet isn’t the time to talk about getting married. If you have the commitment talk too soon your guy might think that you want to be with him just to get to the finish line, not to actually be with him. So take a breath, down shift, and let things happen on their own.

Well ladies you now know the most common dating mistakes and hopefully you’re avoiding them like the plague. Just remember, relationships should be fun and something you enjoy. Anything you ladies want to add to the list? Any past dating stories you’d like to share? Let me know down below!

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