7 Tips to Know if Your Daughter is Ready to Date ...


7 Tips to Know if Your Daughter is Ready to Date ...
7 Tips to Know if Your Daughter is Ready to Date ...

Sure, letting your daughter grow up is hard to do. I pushed this thought away as long as possible. Then one day, a scrawny looking boy knocked at our door and wanted to know if he could see my daughter. “Sure,” I said. “Need to borrow my glasses to see her better?” I asked, trying not to laugh. So, how do you know if your daughter is ready to “see” this guy? Should you go only by age? Well, here is the best advice I could find on this subject while searching for the answers.

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Age Limits

Age Limits Photo Credit: Crash Cortex (has no time to upload anything yet)

Most certainly, 13 is too young, even for double dating. Boys have a way of manipulating young girls and talking them into things. Don’t trust an inexperienced and vulnerable girl with a wolf! Let the boy come over for pizza and a movie, under your supervision only.


Maturity Level

Maturity Level Photo Credit: HauntingDeadBeauty

Does your daughter demonstrate maturity? Is she sensible and dependable? How about level headed? If not, she’s probably not ready to go out alone with a boy. Make sure your little girl is big enough to take on the maturity level of dating.



Responsiblity Photo Credit: redsoda747

Some teenagers are responsible and ready for dating, and some are not. If your daughter is able to make good, independent decisions and is not easily influenced, she might be ready to date.


How Does She Dress?

How Does She Dress? Photo Credit: CineJosh.com

How does your daughter dress? Is she clean, neat, and respectful to her body image? There is a difference in dressing to look your best and dressing to show off too much skin. Your daughter should be able to dress hip, cool, and trendy, but at the same time she should respect her own body and the way others see her.


Respects Authority

Respects Authority Photo Credit: maxsteelinleather

Does your daughter have a good attitude about those in authority over her? Does she respect her teachers? What about her principal? What about you, the parent? This is a reflection of her maturity level. If she does pretty well with authority, she is relaying the message of responsible dating.


Listens to Your Advice

Listens to Your Advice Photo Credit: mikebaird

Most teens think mom and dad are so un-cool! But there are times when our advice is needed. How does your daughter respond to your opinions and thoughts? Sure, you have never been where she is (so she thinks) but if she can heed your advice with a smile, then she just might be ready to head out for the night with her friends.


Obeys Curfew

Obeys Curfew Photo Credit: Dougerino

This is the most important advice I could give. If your daughter repeatedly disregards your set curfew time, she doesn’t need to be trusted out alone. Curfew is important and should never be allowed to miss. (Only under extreme emergencies.)

Dating is a huge stepping-stone for teens. In my opinion, it is a step that should not be taken lightly. Is your daughter ready? Did you agree with my advice? Maybe you disagreed. Let me know your opinions!

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