10 Ways to Get out of a Date ...


10 Ways to Get out of a Date ...
10 Ways to Get out of a Date ...

It’s bound to happen, that thing we all dread most about the dating scene – an unwanted date. Perhaps you don’t think it can’t happen to you, but if you stay in the dating scene long enough it will indeed happen to you. And then all you will think of is how to break the date without hurting anyone’s feelings. What follows are 10 classic (and some not-so-classic) excuses that will get you out of an unwanted date.

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Claim to Be Sick

You don’t need to get overly dramatic and feign something like dysentery, simply and with sincerity say that you have fallen ill and will be unable to keep the date. Make your story simple and believable; the more complex the tale the less likely it is to be believed.


Work Late

To use this excuse to the best advantage, pick a reason for cancelling that is appropriate to your job. This is a great excuse, unless of course your date has access to your workplace and can check up on you. If you are not at work there are likely to be very bad feelings and you will end up looking like a lying jerk.


Emergency in the Family

An emergency in the family has ridded many an unwanted date and left them none the wiser. Call your date and let him know you have a family emergency or, go on the date and have a friend’s phone to alert you to the “emergency.” Most likely he will not ask particulars but just in case, be prepared with a reasonable story that is impossible to check on.


Ask for a Rain Check

Merely tell him that something has come up that you have to attend to and you need a rain check. The beauty of this excuse is that it is vague and it does not call for any fibbing.


Be Accidentally “over Booked”

Oops! I forgot that I had something scheduled that I cannot get out of on the night you want to go out! Make certain to emphasize that the other activity was planned first and that you must live up to that commitment.


Get Creative

Depending on why you want out of the date you might want to get creative with your cancellation. Have you ever met the guy? Is he someone you may want to date another time? If he is a jerk in the first place, feel free to let him have it with “my pet goldfish died and I am too distraught” or some other outlandish reason.


Come off as a Real Airhead

Make yourself as unattractive as you can to deter his interest. Years ago this feat was accomplished by wearing rollers on the date. Make silly comments and act stupid, and most guys will dump you like a hot potato, early into the date, letting you off the hook.


Avoid the Date from the Inception

When you are asked out by someone you would rather avoid, politely decline the invitation. This is the best way out of an unwanted date. It saves a lot of hassle later.


No Chemistry

If you wish to cancel or avoid an unwanted date merely tell him up front that you feel no chemistry with him. Chances are, he may feel the same once you mention it.


The Honest Approach

The honest approach is often the best way to break a date; it requires to fudging, creating, or amending of the truth. An honest reason is easy to remember and rarely comes back to haunt you.

There are many ways to avoid an unwanted date. If all else fails, you could just stand him up. The best solution is always to be honest, but these creative approaches will work as well. What are some ways that you have gotten out of a date?

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The last three are really the only options, right? Because if you use any of the others, you'll still be stuck rescheduling, unless you expect to use an excuse every time.

The emergency on the family has always worked...:P

hmmmmmm......the tips are useful.

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