8 do's on Dates ...


8 do's on Dates ...
8 do's on Dates ...

If you have a date coming up, then there are some things that you should do and not do. Right now, we are going to focus on those things that you should do by giving you 8 do's on dates …

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Do Show up on Time

You should always show up on time for that date. Yes, things tend to come up, but do not let those things come up before every single date. This does not show very good time management on your half.


Do Give Eye Contact

I believe that when you talk to someone you love, you should give them eye contact. When you are on your date and your date is talking to you, it would not hurt to look them in the eye. There is a special connection when you look each other in the eyes – surely, you know what I am talking about. I always said that the eyes are windows to the soul and this is true.


Do Turn off Your Cell Phone

When you are on a date, you should always make sure you turn that cell phone off – unless you are a doctor who is on call.


Do Be Confident

I always believe in confidence – confidence always seems to work out. Men really love when a woman is confident about herself. Of course, I don't think you should be overly confident, because then, you will come off as being conceded and guys do not like girls that are conceded.


Do Be Yourself

No matter what you do, you should not pretend to be someone that you aren't, especially not when you are on a date, because that individual will eventually find out your true colors. It is important that you are yourself – you should love who you are and the person you are seeing should love you as well for who you are, not who you are pretending to be.


Do Wear a Light Scent

I don't like heavy cologne/perfume – that is just no good. Don't make it smell like you are trying to cover something up. I do, however, love the light scents.


Do Be a Good Listener

When your date is talking to you, not only should you look them in the eyes, but you should be a good listener. Lean in to them and show interest in the conversation that is taking place. If you look like you are not paying attention to them, then your date may have second guesses about the relationship.


Do Be Safe

When you are going on a date, you should always make sure you stay safe. Let someone know where you are going and who you are going with. Also, watch your drink/food and do not drink/eat something that has been brought to you by anyone.

Those are 8 Do's on a date – you can use these "do's" on a first date and every date there after. So, do you have any other "do's" you would like to add in here?

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" do not drink/eat something that has been brought to you by anyone." This I cannot agree with, bartenders,wait-persons etc. how else are we going to get our food and drink ?

Love the advice! I definitely agree with turning off your phone. I went on a date with a guy who kept looking at his phone and even answered a call during our date. I mean, it wasn't an emergency and he didn't even apologize. Needless to say, there was no second date for him. I've written about each of the dates I've been on here on my blog. I'd like some feedback as to where I went wrong or where my dates went wrong.

all of the tips are really good

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