7 Tried and Trusted Punch Lines for Getting Asked out ...


7 Tried and Trusted Punch Lines for Getting Asked out ...
7 Tried and Trusted Punch Lines for Getting Asked out ...

Let’s talk about something most girls find quite confusing and sometimes even impossible to pull off- getting a guy to ask you out. Don’t worry, I’m not going to discuss outfits and behaviors today, but do something much better instead and that’s listing some of the best, tried and trusted punch lines for getting asked out. Some of them are quite logical, some are wacky but quite effective so take a look at these 7 tried and trusted punch lines for getting asked out and try to remember them next time you’re in the presence of a really cute guy:

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“Marry Me!”

It’s unusual, funny and a great way to suggest you’re looking for more than friendship. Now, I know it might sound too out there but it all depends on the way you use it. I’ve used it in a jokingly- flirty way, mostly to hint the guy in question that I like something he said, did or wore and it worked like a charm every time so, yes, it definitely falls under the category of tried and trusted punch lines for getting asked out.


“Did I Miss Anything Important?”

Here’s one of those tried and trusted punch lines for getting asked out you simply can’t go wrong with. In case you’re late for a lecture, presentation, sporting event of some sort and you happen to notice an empty seat right next to a very cute guy, this simple line could help you start something that could turn out to be a very interesting conversation followed by a date invite.


“*Witty Remark of Choice*”

Every normal guy loves a smart girl so if tries a lame pickup line on you or says something to tease you, give him a big smile and think of the best, funniest retort you can. You can even surprise him by saying something like, “Oh, is that how guys ask girls out these days?” or present him with a challenge he won’t be able to resist.


“I Have a Feeling You’re Trying to Come up with a Lame Pick-up Line so I’ve Decided to Beat You to It”

Take the matters into your own hands, walk up to him and say something like this. If he was checking you out, this will definitely make him laugh and, if he wasn’t… well, you will definitely surprise him and throw his male ego off balance. Men are usually a more competitive part of the human kind so he’ll have to come up with a really good pick up line to demonstrate that he’s not a type to use the lame ones.


“I Love Your Jeans/T-shirt/watch! Where Did You Get It? My Bro/cousin/best Friend is Having a Birthday Soon and I Think That Just Might Be the Present I Was Looking for”

Bam! There you have it – a compliment, which is something both men and women enjoy, and a very subtle hint that you want him to ask you out. This is one of those fool-proof, tried and trusted punch lines for getting asked out I always loved to use in order to make things easier for shy guys as it pretty much makes the situation quite clear. Now, if the guy you like isn’t really talented for interpreting these subtle hints, act like you have no idea where the shop he’s talking about is. If he likes you, he’ll definitely suggest going with you so, grab a cup of coffee once the shopping is done and you can officially call it a date.


“Oh, I’ve Been Dying to See That Movie! Alas, All My Friends Have Seen It Already!”

Okay, he simply must ask you out now because, if he doesn’t you’ll probably think he’s not into you. So, say something like this, look genuinely sad but not desperate and wait for him to suggest seeing that movie together. If he likes you, he’ll definitely see this as a great chance to finally pop the question and if he doesn’t… well, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, girlfriend!


“Hey, do You Know a Good Place Where I Could Get a Hot Chocolate?”

Hot stranger? No problem! Act like you’re back in town after a long trip and see if he takes the bait. Explain that you’re not very familiar with the area in question and you’re dying for a hot/cold drink- he’ll definitely help you out and maybe even suggest keeping you company!

Do you have some tried and trusted punch lines for getting asked out to share with me today? Do we even need those? I, for example, never had a problem with asking the guy out first although my girl friends always through I’m crazy because asking out is not something girls should do.

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I absolutely love this! Especially #4! I know my crush would love that. Thanks so much!

I really want this guy I like to aske me out, I always catch him staring at me and smiling, we talk sometimes too, but every time I see him at school he's always with this girl, I know through a friend they Arnt dating and he dosnt like her but it's extremely hard to talk to him alone then, THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING I can't get this guy out off my head and I can't show him that I'm interested because I cant get him alone, I don't think he has Facebook either :/ it's killing me, I need help

Ah, I can dream :) my crush almost certainly doesn't like me :/ xx

Haha tried 4 for some guy checking me out! He laughed and admitted to thinking of it!

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