7 Places to Find a Great Partner ...


7 Places to Find a Great Partner ...
7 Places to Find a Great Partner ...

Some people are totally happy single, and that's great. However, for those Singletons (I just reread Bridget Jones, what?) who want to find their Mark Darcy (or their Bridget, you know), the dating world can be hard. Meeting someone can be incredibly hard as well. You just have to know where to look, though. Now, these 7 places to find a great partner may not work perfectly for you, but maybe you can share some of your own tips, too!

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The Internet

Oh yes. You've seen all the commercials, I'm sure. I'm not sure if the information's accurate, but those dating site commercials are saying that something like, what, one in three or one in five couples now met on the internet? Whatever the statistic, a lot of people are meeting on the internet. Some meet on a long distance basis, while others meet using services that match them up to people in the same area. Either way, this isn't nearly so naff as it used to be.


The Library

I'm a book nerd, so this is a natural choice for me – or would be, if I was looking. Meeting someone at the library can tell you a lot. I mean, you know the person is interested in some kinds of books, after all, and I generally appreciate anyone who, in turn, appreciates the spicy, lovely mystique of a library.



This is sort of in line with #2. Bookstores can be great meeting places, because you instantly have things to talk about. I used to actively fantasize about being curled up on a comfy bookstore couch reading a novel, only to look over the top of it and spy a pair of soulful eyes staring back at me. And you never know – it could happen!


Record Stores

If you're a music buff, this is a great place to try and meet someone. There are so many interesting people at record stores – I mean the old school, Empire Records kind of place. And there are some definite hotties hanging out in such places, of both the male and female persuasion. Plus, regardless of taste, you know they like music – always a plus!


The Grocery Store

People actually get picked up at grocery stores more often than you might think. It's a casual kind of place, you don't go expecting to meet anyone – and that's one of the reasons why you might just do so. Once the pressure is off, things tend to go more smoothly. After all, it's when you stop looking that you often find what you wanted in the first place.


The Park

It's incredibly easy to meet people at the park. Dog lovers, for instance, meet other dog lovers at dog parks all the time. Again, it's a relaxed environment, a lot of the pressure is off, and the both of you will likely be having fun.


The Workplace

It may not be the best idea to date a colleague, but there's no doubt that it happens. At any one time, the Better Half has about a dozen couples working together. Sometimes proximity is important. There's no telling that you won't meet someone you'd love to date in the next cubicle over.

Now, like say, these places might not work for you. That's totally cool. Everyone has different tastes, and they will go to different places to meet potential partners. That being said, where do you like to meet people?

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Cute post! I have a crush on a guy at the local store I go to, I've seen him looking at me a couple of times. I think we are both too shy to do anything, maybe one day one us us will get up the nerve to say something. :D

This article is cute ... but ... I met the greatest guy at a bar. An even bigger shocker, it was on St. Patrick's Day!!! (An this was in the US not Ireland) You never know where your going to meet a really great person, you cannot force it.

It can happen anywhere...

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