12 Ways to Move from Casual Dating to Serious Dating ...


The three-month probationary period is over, and so far, your new guy is knocking your socks off. So how do you make the move from casual dating to serious, exclusive dating? Here are some tips guaranteed to make the case to your new man.

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Make Sure That’s What You Want

Don’t move on to exclusive dating unless you’re sure that’s what you want.


Look for the Signs

Don’t bother to try and move towards serious dating unless there are signs that’s what he wants, too. Some signs to watch for: if he blows his friends off to spend more time with you, or you and your friends.


Ask Your Friends

Ask your close friends what they think of your decision. If they hesitate, ask why.


Ask His Friends

Hint to his friends that you really like your guy and see what they say. If they don’t seem to have a problem with it, then he has probably told them he feels the same way about you.


Drop Some Hints

Drop a few subtle hints to your guy and gauge his reaction.


Be Irresistible to Other Men

A little jealousy goes a long way. If your guy thinks another guy might ask you out, he might be more likely to ask you to date exclusively.


Let Him Know

If you prefer commitment and serious dating to casual dating, tell him.


Timing is Everything

Don’t ask him to be exclusive at someone else’s wedding, or while you’re already fighting about something else.


Use Your Charm

Flirt a little, charm him, let him know you’re the only girl for him!


Make It His Idea

A guy might like the idea better if he thinks it’s actually HIS idea.


Butter Him up

Let him know what a fantastic boyfriend he is. Compliment him. Let him know you’d love to see more of him!


Don’t Fight about It

If he seems reluctant, don’t push him or pressure him.

It might seem tricky or a little awkward, but if you want to date exclusively, then there’s nothing else to do.

Do you have any ideas on how to make the transition easier? Please share!

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Nice tips. But not for me as I'm already taken! :)

10. Make it his idea. A guy might like the idea better if he thinks it’s actually HIS idea. So true! About everything! :)

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