12 Tips on Getting over Your Ex ...


12 Tips on Getting over Your Ex ...
12 Tips on Getting over Your Ex ...

Relationships hurt. Period. When my relationships ended badly, I used to brood with an apocalyptic view of the world. I’ve grown up and wish to share my experiences thus far over getting over that ex.

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Don’t Rebound with Ben and Jerry

Yes, I know that you’re not in the best of conditions, and food can be a great consoler. However, you want to be in your best physical shape to send the best F. U. message to that loser. Savor a dish of ice cream, not a Vermonster challenge.


Don’t Rebound Immediately

After a bad breakup, I always realize that perks that come with being single. You’ll miss the guy or feel empty in the end. Breathe and enjoy solitude rather than lonliness. For once, I have the time to explore my interest in playing the violin (which I still haven’t pursued).



As a water polo player, I can tell you that my endorphins are on roofies after a great workout. You’ll burn calories, look better, and feel better. It’s much better than brooding and watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy.


Treat Yourself

I love shopping. Get a nice pair of pumps and admire yourself. You used to give so much of yourself in a past relationship. Focus on yourself for once.


Don’t Rant

I used to tell my galpals about bad breakups in angry rants. The rants only made me miss my old beefcakes even more. I didn’t feel better about anything. I just wanted to eat Ben and Jerry’s all day.


Don’t Call Him

Even if you still love him and are good friends, take a break from him. You’re only going depress yourself if you carry false hopes. Don’t tread down potentially bad waters.


Don’t Get Shitfaced

Alcohol is a relaxant and depressant. Don’t put yourself in a fog, and be aware of yourself. I’ve always thought that Cosmos were vodka with Kool-Aide anyways.


Watch a Non-Romantic Comedy

Romantic comedies are cheesy and borderline ridiculous. I love the show, “It’s Always Sunny Philadelphia.” It’s absurdly hilarious and keeps me laughing in a good way.


Don’t Bad Mouth about Your past Lover

Don’t tell or lie to your friends that he has an STD or secretly watches Gossip Girl. I have and felt ridiculous afterwards. (Try to) be a good person. It’s over. Lots of worse things have happened in the past. However, if he is bad mouthing you, then you can pull out the claws.


When You Speak about the past Relationship, Only Confide to Those You Trust

I recently found out that a man that I loved is dating another girl. I told my mother about it, and her advice made me feel better immediately. She reminded me that while he was funny and brilliant, he was also cynical and emotionally cruel. She brought me back to reality. As a result, I feel happy for his relationship rather than jealous resentment.


Don’t Revisit Old Memories

If your couple song was “I Like It Rough” by Lady Gaga, don’t freakin’ listen to it on your ipod.


Think of the Bad Times

You broke up. Obviously things weren’t perfect. All relationships have great components, but sometimes we turn a blind eye to the destructive elements of Cupid. You hear me, Rihanna?

Well, good luck roughing over this period of time. I’d love to tell you more about bad relationships, or good relationships that you wish that didn't end, but I’ve got to catch an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Now, watching your favorite series could also help you get over your ex and deal with breakup issues!

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You didn't include the advice to forgive and FORGET! Although it may be very hard to do at times, its the best thing to get the healing process going. Wish him the best of luck and move on and don't even try to imagine what he may be doing or with WHO is he with now, etc. Life is too short to get completely hooked on someone who was not meant for you to start with. As the saying goes... "Let him go freely, if he was yours - he will return --- (of course it's up to you if you want to take him back) and if he doesn't return -- it's because he was never truly yours to start with!" As my parents always adviced me.."There's nothing BAD that happens that comes for a GOOD reason." Think about it. Keep a positive outlook in life and remember for some reason GOD put so many fish in the sea! Your fishing season will come again soon enough. Don't worry, just be happy!

I loved these tips, they actually working very well for me, and yes watching non romantic comedy is a perfect idea, Glee/friends (again) have been my distraction, maybe I'll try it's always sunny in Philadelphia ;). About the other tips, - Writing is a good idea, write down your thoughts and feelings, maybe it's the time to have a blog. - Rebound with old friends. - Listen to hopeful songs. - Read Paulo Coelho's book. - Do something new, try to fill that void.

I'd really like some outside views and advice on a similar situation of my own. I was introduced to a guy a few months ago, I wasn't immediately interested, but his charm won me over, and had an amazing, unoticed at first, effect on me. He was, in my then view, too good to be true. We got on so well, it was as if we had known each other all our lives. It was amazing. We started a relationship fairly quickly. He dined me, and romanced me, and within the first two weeks announced that he had fallen in love with me. I was completely head over heels. All of my friends commented on how different I was. In a good way! They said every day seemed to be 'glowing' and attached to an extremely large smile! Every day, nothing could get me down. Eventually, I started to become suspicious. He was always acting in a mysterious way, and held back sternly from sharing things with me about his personal life, although we exchanged life stories early on in the relationship, every little detail. The mystery was mainly concerning his job, and wouldn't really discuss what he did, and didn't want me to know where he lived, which caused friction as my house at the time was a mad house, so we rarely got any alone time. He made this seem my fault, although his place never got mentioned as an option. (I didn't want to bring it up in case he felt uncomfortable). So we decided to take a break until i had moved out, which would then allow us to spend more time together. He then ignored me for a whole week, and eventually got back to me and said this was due to 'work stuff'. Not even a text. So I decided it was fair enough. In the week running up to my move, I got in contact and asked if he wanted to talk about things, as originally agreed. He seemed reluctant but we arranged a day. A couple of days later, I came acorss, to my absolute horror a facebook profile, of a girl I did not know, with her profile photo of him and her in bed together! I looked at her photos, and he was in each and every one of her photos. It seems the week he ignored me and had 'work stuff' on, he was wining, dining and romancing her instead! These were all recently updated photos, including her birthday celebrations, which, curiously just included them two, and the countryside. I questioned him, and he simply said 'we didn't agree not to have any other relationships while we were on a break'. and we argued a lot. He then said that he agreed to have this 'talk' so he could tell me he had another girlfriend and didn't want to get back together, because it would never work. while all along i thought the talk, as agreed, was about getting back together! i put my life on hold, which took a lot of strength and a knock to my self-respect. It seems I was being treated like a fool, and everything added up in the end, he was more than likely seeing this girl when we were together. hence the mysterious behaviour. Well, I can't be sure, but it's more likely than unlikely based on everything. I've now deleted his number, after telling him a few days ago i didnt want to speak to him again, and im trying to move on. it's so difficult. as i said, originally i wasn't attracted to him, but he magically made me fall in love with him, without me realising st first! it's was all and then nothing in the blink of an eye. I can't seem to remove the mental images of them two together. I'd really like your views on this one, did I do the right thing, and was he in the wrong as my friends tell me? Thanks! x

Emmaaaa, If youre feeling you have to move on without him, it's enough reason to just contine with your live. Going on with your relationship knowing that there's nothing left isint going to help either of you. So talk it out and decide to cut all contacts. At least for the time being! Both of you will find there own lives once separated.

i invested in smallville, charmed, heroes and gossip girls series once i broke up with my ex. trust me u'll feel major better after watching them.

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