9 Ways to Bounce Back from a Break up ...

So you’ve broken up, and have buckets of ice cream, tissues and haven’t got dressed in six days...but when does wallowing become a pity party? One of the biggest steps in getting over him is getting your self esteem back, and you won’t do that if you haven’t seen sunlight in days. And you don’t see Tess Daly crying, do you?! Here’s my nine ways to bounce back from your break up...

1. Skin Care

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Photo Credit: MeaCulpaBodyandBath

Stress, junk food and lack of sunlight will more then likely cause a break out, which isn’t going to boost your confidence. Take control, and use a cleansing mask as well as keeping up your usual skin care routine. Looking radiant will make you feel much better then being pale and pasty!

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