8 Shocking Celebrity Break Ups I Still Can't Believe ...

Do you remember that couple during high school, that were always together? And how shocking it was when they split up? Well, celebrities are like that too. Often, we see and hear enough about the relationship to have our own opinion on it, and know as much about it as we do about friends relationships. So when the perfect couple start to go wrong, we are all a little confused. Or, in the case of these eight, utterly shocked!

1. Hilary Duff and Joel Madden

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Photo Credit: HateMeLoveMe

Hilary and Joel were such a cute couple. They were both well known, but also kept a good amount of privacy, and they seemed to make each other so happy when out and about. Whether they were both scrubbed up or wearing Joel’s Gothic look, they looked set to last! So when they split up and Joel quickly moved on to date Nicole Richie, Hilary was quick to tell a magazine that it was clearly a rebound relationship..although I’m not sure she’d agree now, with the couple looking stronger then ever and having a baby together.

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