14 Juiciest Celebrity Breakups ...

Breakups are hard no matter who they happen to. And while I truly empathize with each and every one of the following celebrities, let's admit it...we all love a juicy breakup**** story...the how's, the when's, the why's. And that's why I'm here...to bring to you some of the greatest breakup stories of our times...some recent, some from the pages of history, some scandalous, some sad and some just plain unexpected....

1. Anne Hathaway- Rafaello Follieri ...

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Together for: Four years

Best known for: Rafello’s business scandals

The Breakup: Rafaello’s charity organisation, Follieri Foundation that funded vaccination programmes in developing countries, came under the radar of the New York State Attorney General’s Office when a cheque **for a huge amount (read: $215000) **bounced.

Long story short, Anne got tired of the lies and was afraid all the drama would hurt her career. So she dumped Rafaello and moved back to L.A. It’s always tragic when a love story doesn’t work out but Anne is a gorgeous woman and I have no doubt that she will **find a man **much more **worthy **of her love.

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