Nicole Kidman on Motherhood amp Marriage ...


Nicole Kidman on Motherhood amp Marriage ...
Nicole Kidman on Motherhood amp Marriage ...

It’s pretty rare that we get to hear some really revealing and intimate snippets of interviews from big Hollywood star Nicole Kidman – but she did give us an insight about her thoughts on her marriage, Keith’s addiction problems and her daughter Sunday Rose.

In an interview with Parade Magazine, Nicole reveals how “raw and emotional” she is when talking about her daughter Sunday Rose.

I cry even thinking of her. But they are tears of joy. Because I suppose I never thought I would get to have it."

-Nicole Kidman
When asked about the things that drew her to country superstar Keith Urban, here’s what she had to say:

Being Australian, both of us. I think that was an immediate rapport. We would have been great friends if we didn't become husband and wife."

It’s great to hear how things are slowly falling into place for Nicole & Keith. After being married to Tom Cruise and moving on to a supposedly quiet marriage with Keith – you’d think that she’d get a break from the paparazzi. But with Keith’s addiction problem just three months after their marriage – Nicole has become a tabloid seller again.

But then, with the arrival of Sunday Rose – I guess it’s all well worth it!

Photo Credit: People

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Oh I just LOVE Nicole & I'm so HAPPY for her!!! Her daughter has a lovely name:)

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