Madonna Fan Attacks Guy!

If the other side of fame is that you have absolutely no privacy, I guess the other side of being married to – and divorcing – a huge superstar like **Madonna **is that you have to deal with her loyal, yet irate fans.

Unfortunately, this is what Guy Ritchie divorcing Madonna had to deal with in real life. If there is one thing that Madonna does have, that’s a slew of loyal fans from all fans of the world.

The incident occurred in Guy Ritchie’s pub where he was celebrating his dad’s 80th birthday.

Here is the report about the Madonna-fan-attacking-Guy-incident:

A witness told The Sun: Guy was in the pub in good spirits and was laughing and joking over a pint. This bloke seemed to be on the lookout for trouble. He got a drink and started shouting about being a Madonna fan and ranting about the divorce. It was like he just wanted to draw attention to himself.”

- Hollyscoop
So what happened to the unlucky ‘dude’? Naturally, he was kicked out of the pub as Guy carried on celebrating his dad’s birthday – as well as his divorce. Anybody else glad that that’s over?

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