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Hulk Hogan Says Nick Learned a Lot in Jail ...

By Mabelle

It's just like another episode of "**Hogan Knows Best**" – but this time, it's for real. After being a not-so-touching reunion with his sister Brooke, it's now daddy Hulk Hogan's turn to comment on the release of his son Nick Hogan.

18-year-old Nick was released from the Pinellas County Jail last October 21 after being locked up for negligent driving.

Hulk Hogan says that being in jail had a really 'transformative' effect on his son. According to US Magazine, here's what the 'proud papa' has to say:

He was on a roll," he said. "He was a young professional driver. He had the show going, and it all got real busy, and then when he went to jail, he got stripped of everything....he was a good kid before, he's a great kid now," Hulk says. "He's not the same man he was when he went in there."

Awww… that's nice and all. But isn't he forgetting something? How about the fact that after only serving 166 days in jail, Nick can freely walk and roam around and do whatever crappy reality show's being made for him (not again!) – while the real victim of the crash that he got involved in – John Graziano – is still suffering from eye and brain injuries which are expected to "leave him in a nursing home for the rest of his life"?

Photo Credit: The Superficial

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