Trending Today the Trial of Conrad Murray


Trending Today the Trial of Conrad Murray
Trending Today the Trial of Conrad Murray

There are lots of things trending today. Take a look at Twitter trends, Tumblr reblogs, and Buzzfeed's hierarchy of viral goodness, and you'll see all kinds of trending topics. However, more than anything else, the fact that Dr. Conrad Murray's trial began to day is creating more buzz than I've seen in a really long time. Murray, of course, was Michael Jackson's personal physician and alleged friend. There's not a lot to say about the trial itself, but I'm pretty sure we can find something to discuss all the same.

So far, Murray's defense team is claiming completely accidental death, although experts believe that their insistence in painting Michael Jackson a serious drug addict is going to backfire on them. There's also a lot of buzz about the fact that Murray was quite teary during certain parts of the opening statement, but whether he's found innocent or guilty, that's understandable. After all, no matter what way you slice it, he was present for the death of a troubled but wildly talented man who became a legend in his own time.

I'm not going to talk about his problems with drugs or with anything else because, frankly, I wasn't there and I don't know enough. I do know that Michael's fans are a loyal lot, and that many people are fans of his music even if they completely disagree with the things he's said to have done. During any kind of criminal trial, people get dragged through the mud as much as possible, so I just wanted to take a moment to remember what was good about Michael by sharing my favorite song:

What's your favorite song -- or your favorite Michael memory? And since I'm guessing this trial is going to be big news until it's conclusion, is there anything you'd like to sound off about?

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