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Who Makes a Better Barbie Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj?

By Sheila

A couple of days ago, Mattel announced the release of a one of a kind Nicki Minaj Barbie which from the pictures looks exactly like the real Nicky from her Pink Friday album cover complete with pink hair, lace up pink boots, a poofy pink dress and Nicki's signature "Barbie" nameplate necklace! The doll will be available for auction at and will be showcased at a five-day event hosted by Divine Design in L.A. Bids start at $1000 and all proceeds will go to Project Angel Food. I thought the whole thing from the idea to the execution was brilliant and the doll itself was ADORABLE!
Then I saw the Katy Perry Barbie! This one is also a one a kind Barbie for the same charity auction and features Perry from her California Girls music video complete with a waffle cone stage, lollipops, ice-cream bushes, cotton candy clouds, gummi bears and the best part, Katy herself in a mouthwatering cupcake dress and striking blue hair.
So now that you've seen pictures of both Barbies, tell me who makes a better Barbie? I think the Nicki Barbie is more like the real Nicki while the attention to detail with the Katy Perry Barbie, especially with that cupcake dress is beyond impressive. Honestly, I would love to have both of them, though I think I might end up eating the Katy Perry one. Vote for your pick below:

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