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Brangelina Wedding Rumors Run Rampant

By steph

Now that there’s no speculation over whether she’s pregnant or not, all that’s left to do until the arrival of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby (or babies) is speculate about their marriage status.

On Saturday, March 29, Star magazine sent journalists an e-mail blast that announced that Brangelina nuptials took place at the French Quarter Wedding Chapel in New Orleans. Before long, every celebrity weekly was on the story, scrambling to see whether they’d missed what would be the biggest marriage of 2008.

What did they find? Collectively, nothing more than a firm denial from the chapel’s minister, Rev. Tony Talavera, who says he didn’t perform any such marriage. Furthermore, Talavera told OK! that Star had offered him $3,000 to stick with its story (he couldn’t be bought) and he told In Touch that it was Pitt’s rep that asked him to set the record straight with the media.

People magazine did reach Pitt’s rep, Cindy Guagenti, who said she had “no idea” whether Pitt and Jolie married. Us Weekly chimed in with a source who called the whole thing “complete and total bullsh–.”

Although Star amended its original story to say that its source was no longer standing by their information, there’s still no straight answer. It’s odd for a publicist to not follow up “I have no idea” with a clear yes or no, so what gives?

One publicist said that Guagenti and Pitt don’t communicate as often as you’d think. “When she says she has no idea, she really doesn’t. They don’t talk regularly.” (A request to Guagenti for an updated response went unanswered.)

Although the timing

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