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Amanda Knox Not Guilty after 4 Years

By Lyndsie

There's no question that today's most viral topic is Amanda Knox's not guilty verdict. The world as a whole continues to mourn the loss of Meredith Kercher and to offer sympathy, thoughts, and prayers to her family, but at the same time the Knox family understandably rejoices over the fact that Amanda will not be serving 20+ years in prison for the 2007 murder of her roommate. An Italian setting, a British victim, an accused American, an accused Italian, and an access Ivorian: the crime has spanned the globe, leading people far and wide to react.

Rather than share fun facts, cute pictures, or celebrity gossip today, I thought y'all might like a chance to sound off and relate your feelings about this controversial case. Knox's 2009 conviction was overturned today; after 4 years in an Italian prison, she's finally going free – as is Rafaelle Sollecito, her ex-boyfriend and current co-defendant. Rudy Guede was sentenced to 16 years and his appeal failed.

There are many reasons this case has been controversial. Evidence, confessions, and testimonies were at times quite convoluted, time lines were confusing, and matters were not helped by the global scale of the case. Many reports claim, for instance, that Italians are not happy with the way America in particular has been insulting their justice system.

There's a wonderfully detailed article in June's Rolling Stone that gives time lines, explains evidence, chronicles the trial, and offers several possible scenarios for what actually happened to Meredith Kercher.

What do you think about the verdict, the trial, and the appeal? What do you think about the possible aftermath?

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