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5 Kristen Stewart Bits to Mull over...

By Meream

1 Robert Pattinson Defends Kristen

Kristen compared being stalked by the paparazzi to being raped. Of course, this led to people expressing their opinions and giving Kristen a hard time. But Rob defended her. Check out what he said.

2 Kristen's Red Carpet Style Evolution

From awkward outfits to chic little mini dresses, Kristen has come a long way. Watch this feature on FabTV to see how Kristen has improved her style in recent years.

3 Kristen at the Love Ranch Premiere

Wearing a sweet LBD and yes, a smile. Yay, a smile! I am very excited to see what dresses she'll be wearing when more Eclipse red carpet events start.

4 Kristen's Look for Cheap

She always does look nice in booties, doesn't she? Check out the link and learn how you can copy one of her looks for less.

5 an Open Letter to Kristen

One College Candy contributor wrote an open letter to Kristen, telling her to "lighten up." Do you agree? Was this letter mean or dead on?

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