20 Shortest Celebrity Marriages ...


20 Shortest Celebrity Marriages ...
20 Shortest Celebrity Marriages ...

In Hollywood, relationships are put under pressure when you’re in constant view of the public eye. It can also be difficult when celebrities are continuously away from each other because of the job. Some people can handle the ciaos and learn how to make a marriage work. Others are not so lucky and sometimes blame the pressure for their struggles. Here are 20 of those marriages that didn’t quite make it.

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Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe De Alba

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe De Alba Married 9 times, Hollywood socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor claims that she had one of the shortest celebrity marriages when her nuptials to Felipe de Alba were annulled after only **one day **in 1982. After Alba, Gabor married her ninth husband Prince Frederick von Anhalt, who said he had an affair with Anna Nicole Smith and could possibly be the father of her daughter, Dannielyn.

A girl must marry for love, and keep on marrying until she finds it," Gabor has expressed.
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Robin Givens and Syetozar Marinkovic

Robin Givens and Syetozar Marinkovic When you think of actress Robin Givens you may remember her horrible year long marriage to boxer Mike Tyson, however you may not know that her marriage to tennis instructor Syetozar Marinkovic lasted as long as the day they wed in 1997. Givens may have had some depressive days to go through but has since learned to move on with her life.

To love somebody who you feel can actually do you much harm, it's really confusing," she said about Tyson.
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Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander Although Britney Spear’s **marriage and divorce to Kevin Federline has been the subject of many magazines and tabloids, it will not be known as her shortest marriage. Her annulment in 2004 of her marriage to hometown friend **Jason Alexander occurred just 55 hours after their Vegas wedding took place.

I was in Vegas, and it took over me, and, you know, things got out of hand," Spears admitted.
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Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips

Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips Actor Dennis Hopper and singer/actress Michelle Phillips wed on Halloween in 1970 soon after Phillips divorced her husband John Phillips, who was a fellow band mate of the Mamas and Papas. However, this marriage would end in divorce for her as well, they called it quits just** eight days** later. Hopper and Phillips have since married a 5th time.

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Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas

Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas Long before Drew Barrymore divorced Tom Green just 5 months after one of the strangest relationships in Hollywood, she was married to a bartender named Jeremy Thomas. However, this one ended even sooner than her second marriage when they broke it off a **month **later. Since her two failed marriages, Barrymore has been seen dating many different men from the likes of Fabrizio Moretti to Justin Long.

I love happy endings and believe in them most of the time," Barrymore said.
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Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine

Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine Sadly enough, “Annie Get Your Gun” star Ethel Merman’s shortest marriage would be her last and fourth marriage of her lifetime. In June **of 1964 Merman married “McHale's Navy” star **Ernest Borgnine, the two were divorced by July. Borgnine, who will be 92 later this month, has been married to his current and fifth wife Tova Borgnine for 36 years.

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Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock **

Pamela Anderson definitely has a thing for bad boys. After her very public battle with Tommy Lee, Anderson found her way into Kid Rock’s arms in 2001 and became engaged by 2002. However, they ended it before they made their way down the aisle. The couple found each other again in 2006 and were married and divorced within four months. But, Anderson wasn’t done there. In 2007 she married Rick Salomon for two months, but officially had it annulled 5 months later. I'm guessing she remembered the sex tape he made with Paris Hilton.

I don't know what my type is," Anderson told Ellen DeGeneres.
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Eddie Murphy and Tracey E. Edmonds

Eddie Murphy and Tracey E. Edmonds Eddie Murphy **may play a smooth husband in some of his movies however, he has proven otherwise in real life. Murphy struck out a second time in 2008 when he made his way to the alter for a spiritual ceremony with his fiancé **Tracey E. Edmonds, who is the ex-wife of Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. The couple never made their way to a legal ceremony; their spiritual connection only lasted two weeks. I think maybe Spice Girl Melanie Brown having Murphy's baby scared Edmonds away.

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Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner

Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner Former bad boy Colin Farrell has been linked to many ladies in Hollywood including Britney Spears and Mary-Kate Olsen. But before he was rumored to be dating these ladies, he thought he would settle down and be the husband type to actress **Amelia Warner. The two got married in Bora Bora in July of 2001 when Farrell got Warner’s named inked on his ring finger. However, the tattoo will last much longer than their marriage that failed just four months **later. Now Farrell is getting his life back together and puts his son, from his ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave, first in his life.

It's better for me, at 30, to be on my own," Farrell admitted three years ago.
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Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley **

Elvis Presley has a lot of fans and actor Nicolas Cage is not just any regular fan. Cage has dressed up as Presley in his movie “Honeymoon in Vegas” and sang his hit song “Love Me” in his movie “Wild at Heart”. But his fanatics didn’t end there, Cage married Presley’s only daughter Lisa Marie in 2002. Though he may love Elvis and be one of his biggest fans, Cage did not feel the same way about Lisa Marie. Three and half months after they vowed “Till death do us part” Cage filed for divorce. Both Lisa Marie and Cage have remarried, Lisa Marie is the proud mother of two twins girls, Finley and Harper.

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Nicky Hilton and Todd Andrew Meister

Nicky Hilton and Todd Andrew Meister Usually Nicky Hilton sits back and lets her older sister Paris shine in the light of Hollywood. However, in 2004 Nicky got married during a trip to Las Vegas to her boyfriend Todd Andrew Meister. Now Nicky has one claim over her sister, that she was the first to marry and get an annulment all within three months. In recent years Hilton has focused on her fashion line Chick and presented it at fashion shows in Los Angeles.

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Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney Most girls dream of the perfect wedding and when you picture Renée Zellweger’s wedding on the beach to Kenny Chesney you dream of a perfect marriage for the couple. Chesney seemed to have swept Zellweger off her feet with his music; she even showed up at one of his concerts and surprised him as she came on stage. However, in Hollywood not everything is as perfect as it seems. Their nuptials were annulled four months later after they both agreed to have a civilized and private separation.

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Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman Many fans have watched Carmen Electra and David Navarro ruin their marriage on MTV's "Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen + Dave", but it will not go down in history as the worst marriage for Electra. For that title she can thank Dennis Rodman for. Just two weeks after of their Vegas wedding Rodman claimed that he was "too drunk" to realize what was going on. He tried to call for an annulment, but he and Electra made up at least for a few months longer. Their divorce finally came through leaving them with six months of wedded bliss to remember.

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Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele

Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele Although he is trying at it again for a third time, Charlie Sheen is not known for having too much luck with the ladies in Hollywood. His second marriage with Denise Richards is all too famous for it's ugly divorce battle. However, his first marriage with Donna Peele is the one you may not know about because it only lasted six months, though the divorce wasn't final until a year later. This April Sheen's third wife, Brooke Allen, will deliver twin boys for the couple.

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Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton

Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton Not being too good with people on the set of shows like "90210" and "Charmed", it only seems natural that Shannen Doherty would strike out with the men she would married as well. Doherty first struck out when she married Ashley Hamilton in 1993, their divorce happened only seven months later in 94'. Her second strike would come nine years later when she married Rick Salomon in 2002. Doherty had the marriage annulled shortly after Salomon's famous sex tape with Paris Hilton surfaced. Last year "90210" came calling again, so until her temper flares up Doherty will continue her role as Brenda Walsh.

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Courtney Thorne- Smith and Andrew Conrad

Courtney Thorne- Smith and Andrew Conrad Actress Courtney Thorne-Smith **of "Melrose Place" and "According to Jim", seemed like a very happy bride in 2001 on the cover of In Style Weddings magazine. Sadly, that would be the last time Smith would be happy about the wedding. Only a week after the magazine was published she called for a separation from her husband of **seven months, genetic scientist Andrew Conrad. Last year Smith brought good news into her life with husband Roger Fishman as they welcomed baby boy Jacob Emerson Fishman.

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Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd Hopefully the third time’s the charm for Jennifer Lopez as she shines in the glory of her marriage to Marc Anthony. Her first marriage to waiter Ojani Noa lasted longer than her second, but none the less failed. Years later Lopez’ marriage to dancer Cris Judd was put on the cover of many magazines when it started to fail just after ten months. They hadn’t officially divorced but according to pictures of Ben Affleck with Lopez, Judd was already out of the picture. Now almost five years after they married, Lopez and Anthony are enjoying time with their twins, daughter Emme and son Max.

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Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly

Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are very lucky in love with one another. But when Carrey was in love with another blonde actress named Lauren Holly, luck was not on his side. Carrey and Holly had broken up and gotten back together before they decided to marry, but as it shows it would have been the better decision to stay apart since they finally separated after nine months together.

Is one thing that I want to master at some point, but I have not been good at it," said Carrey about marriage.
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Alyssa Milano and Cinjun Tate

Alyssa Milano and Cinjun Tate Best wishes go to the newly engaged Alyssa Milano for a happier and longer marriage. Milano of “Who’s the Boss?” fame didn’t quite make it to her one year anniversary with her first husband Cinjun Tate back in 1999. The couple divorced ten months after they wed. Milano has not yet set a date or given any details about her planned wedding with her new fiancé David Bugliari. The two started dating over a year ago.

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Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria

Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria Helen Hunt has seemed to stay away from the gossip and the front row of Hollywood for most of her career. But she was not too fortunate in 2000 when she split with her husband actor Hank Azaria after **eleven months **together. In recent years Hunt and her boyfriend Matthew Carnahan welcomed a daughter named Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan into their lives.

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What are your predictions for celebrity couples who married in 2008 or who will marry in 2009?

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You missed one of the best - Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, last about 4 days

Britney is always making history!! But she didn't beat Zsa Zsa Gabor or Robin Givens!

Wow in 1909! Just goes to show Jacqui that celebrities are always quick to divorce!

Back in 1909, Rudolph Valentino & Jean Acker were celebrities who were only married 8 HOURS!!!!! Can you believe that?

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander made history in 2004 ;)

I'm not sure what some of them think...especially the ones who don't even know each other when they get married. Maybe they just want to be in the media?!

I'm always amazed at celebrity marriages. Do you think they go into it thinking it will actually work or do they just don't think beyond their next movie project?

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