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Key Warning Signals That Your Relationship is on Rocky Ground

By Mercy

You have been ignoring these signs for a long time. But they keep cropping up. Is something eating at your relationship? Not sure if you’re in troubled waters? Watch out girl! Here are some warning signals that you should keep in mind.
He works late, but you have stopped to notice!
He’s working late at the office. Initially, you used to hate it. Then you just gave up hope and now you’ve accepted it! It doesn’t bother you anymore. Stop! There’s something terribly wrong here. Talk it out with him before it’s too late!
You don’t know what ‘missing’ feels like!
There used to be a time when you couldn’t stay away from him. Now he comes home, you serve dinner and then you go to bed. Period. If you’re not missing him during the day then it’s a sure-fire warning sign!
Running out of conversation
You would talk for hours about everything under the sun! Now you talk about the elections and the weather! There are long silences in-between and you can’t find anything interesting to say. That’s trouble!
No more dates
It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not. A date is essential to your relationship. If you’re turning into a couch potato who would rather sit at home watching TV every weekend then it’s time to add some zest into your life!
Household chores - more interesting
If you find cleaning and dusting more entertaining than planning a romantic getaway ** - then you’ve become an old nanny! You need to snap out of that old maid syndrome! In a couple of years **your relationship will end up in the attic.
Worrying about small things
You worry yourself sick thinking about small issues that don’t really make a big difference. This causes friction between the two of you. Finding fault is the easiest thing to do! Take a break and think positive for a change.
Denying his mistakes
He gets back home, switches on the TV and eats his dinner in silence. You’re quick to justify it to yourself- ‘Oh! He’s just tired’. That’s fine, but do you find yourself finding excuses for him too often?
He isn’t that funny anymore
The little things about him that used to make you laugh - now just get you irritated. Classic signs of a troubled relationship! If you think he’s lost his sense of humor, maybe you need to re-look at your own.
You need to be alone
He has just left for work and you heave a big sigh of relief! Not a happy situation! You should want to spend time with him - not alone by yourself! Further, you shouldn’t be waiting for him to leave.
Now don’t go overboard and stress yourself out! Although these are warning signals, there are things you can do to rectify the situation. Take a good look at your relationship. Invest some time thinking about ways to get it back on track. Looking back, you will be glad you did some soul searching!
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