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7 Divorce Warning Signs to Watch out for ...

By Melanie

In many marriage breakups, one spouse will often be caught off guard when divorce papers are delivered. That is why it always pays to know what is going on in your marriage. One of the biggest mistakes couples commit is taking things for granted. Below, I am going to give you 7 divorce signs to watch out for…

7 You No Longer Have Things in Common

You No Longer Have Things in CommonPhoto Credit: Umair Ashfaq

In the past, you and your partner had a lot of things in common, but now, it seems as if you two have drifted apart. When you try to reconnect with each other, you find that you really do not have anything in common and find that there's nothing fun or romantic that the two of you can do together anymore.

6 You Can’t Seem to do Anything Right

You Can’t Seem to do Anything RightPhoto Credit: erglantz

Do you feel like you are being watched and criticized by your spouse with every move you make? Do you feel as if you cannot do anything right in their eyes? Do you feel afraid or bogged down by your partner's constant criticism? Negative criticism is not a good sign especially if it leads to constant arguments between the two of you.

5 You Always Seem to Be the Last to Know

You Always Seem to Be the Last to KnowPhoto Credit: Leonrw

Does it seem as if you are always the last to know about your partner's life? News of their career, personal achievements, and personal problems are shared with best friends first. Sadly, you then hear about their life through second-hand information. When you become the last to know, there is obviously a big breakdown in communication and as we all know, communication is important for a successful relationship.

4 Their Appearance Has Changed

Their Appearance Has ChangedPhoto Credit: Klaas Tuin

Over time, there is no longer a desire to look perfect for the partner. Personal appearance and hygiene drastically decline. Annoying habits rise. He stops shaving the facial hair that annoys you, stops worrying about whether his shirts are crisp or not when he's with you. This could be a sign that your spouse no longer cares about the marriage.

3 You Seek Distractions

You Seek DistractionsPhoto Credit: Vu Bui

Is the television always on? Are you having friends over too often? Do you both sit there doing something , anything, instead of dealing with your troublesome relationship?

2 You Argue All the Time over the Same Things

You Argue All the Time over the Same ThingsPhoto Credit: Tyla '75

Do you fight all the time over the same subject? If you are constantly arguing over the same thing and there is no resolution and you feel angry or depressed all the time, then your marriage may be in trouble. You may need to seek professional help.

1 Intimacy No Longer Exists in Your Marriage

Intimacy No Longer Exists in Your MarriagePhoto Credit: WhyHelloMegan

Sexis an important part of any relationship. If intimacy no longer exists in your marriage, then this can spell big trouble, especially when it is mixed in with all of the other divorce warning signs. Intimacy allows us to bond with our partner. If your partner is showing no interest in you, then it may be time to seek professional help.

There you have 7 divorce warning signs. If you notice these signs, then it is important that you try to save your marriage. You should never just give up without first trying. There may be ways that the two of you could reconnect. There is always hope. If you have gone through these problems and were able to save your union, please tell us what steps you took to avoid the D-Word.

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