12 Things Most Couples Argue about and Ways to Avoid It ...

Anyone who is in a relationship is going to argue with their partner and it doesn't matter if you just started seeing each other or are a couple who has been going strong for ten, maybe fifteen years. It is as inevitable as the earth rotating and the sun rising. Have you ever wondered what other couples argue about? Well, I have done my research and here are 12 things most couples argue about...

12. Children

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The disputes and discussions about children are never going to end. You may fightabout whether you should have children or not. Then, once you have kids, you will fight about how to raise them, what they should eat, how your family thinks you should raise them, how much money to spend on them, how long their hair should be, who they should hang out with, how many video games they should have, their bedtime... and the list will go on.

Work it out – The best thing to do would be to communicate and compromise. All parents make mistakes with their children, which is why it's important to take mutual decisions. While you may never agree with one another, you can always meet each other halfway.

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