10 Commandments for a Lifelong Friendship ...

This is a guest post by Tavia from Chicprofile.com, guys, enjoy!

You want to know how you can be the friend that everybody wants to have? I've talked with many "very good friends" who revealed the rules that they've been following in order to earn this title.

1. Always Be There!

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A good friend will always be there for you...on sunny days and rainy days alike. I think the smartest move is to invest in people, especially your friends. So try to be there even if it's hard, even if it means losing some sleep because you had to stay up late for her. But remember that the important thing is that these things should come from your heart and never be done as an obligation.

2. Don't Envy Her!

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Even though there are moments when you get insanely jealous of her because she has it all, an awesome boyfriend, understanding parents, even a job with a great position and a bigger salary than yours, don't let it get to you...the only thing that can come off that is resentment.

3. Do Not Be a Drama Queen!

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Don't call her in the middle of the night just because you didn't get a reply to the SMS that you sent to a guy, don't send her long and emotional e-mails when you know she's having a hard day at work, don't create scenes, going like "a true friend would never leave me alone" when she really has to leave the city.

4. Be Nice!

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A little attention from time to time will not hurt. You know how you love it when your boyfriend surprises you with a gift without any special occasion (or you do it for him)? Do the same thing for you best friend. Show her she's important to you.

5. Accept That You Are Different!

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She wants to go see a horror movie while you want to see a psychological drama. Please her anyway. If you try to explain to her that horror movies are superficial and psychological dramas have so much more depth, she'll just think that you're looking down on her.

6. Don't Hide Things from Her!

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Who else can you share your secrets with? If you don't, she'll probably feel that you don't trust her enough. If you don't open up to her, yourfriendship can't bloom.

7. Don't Betray Her!

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....in any way! If she's shared an intimate, secret story, keep it to yourself. Remember, trust once broken is hard to win back.

8. Be Honest!

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Always tell her the truth. Even when she is thrilled about a dress, but you see that is not for her...just tell her the truth. She'll appreciate it sooner or later.

9. Gossip with Her!

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It is the healthiest activity as long as you are doing it together and it's fun! (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone).

10. Respect and Treasure Her!

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You can't be friends with somebody you don't treasure. If she is your friend only at parties, try to get to know her better. We all have layers and you never know, under all that she may just end up being a friend for life.

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