7 Secrets to Better Friendships ...


7 Secrets to Better Friendships ...
7 Secrets to Better Friendships ...

We all want and need friends. Most of us long for a group of loved ones that are there through thick and thin like on the hit TV show "FRIENDS". The truth is that maintaining friendships takes a lot of time, energy, and persistence. Sadly, the current mentality of our society is that everything is disposable and replaceable. This type of thinking makes it nearly impossible to make and keep deep-rooted relationships among friends. Following is a list of factors that encourage healthy, real friendships...

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Be Real

Honesty is critical to a good, healthy friendship; a real friend is one with whom you can simply be yourself. Faking who you are will not bring you friends, and it won't make your relationships with them deep or rewarding.


No Gossip

Gossip is a friendship killer. Don't talk about someone and then expect them to be your friend. Likewise, if you know someone's gossiping about you, then be aware, they're not your friend, either. And, for the record, "gossip" is any unflattering talk of someone you wouldn't want them to know you said... don't do it!


Be Vulnerable

Opening up about yourself exposes you to hurt, it leaves you vulnerable. Real friends love you regardless of what they know about you. Furthermore, they keep your secrets. On the flip side of that, be there for your friends when they're vulnerable, too.



Finding a true set of friends can take a lifetime. Be patient and give your friendships time to grow. And be patient with your friends when they're having difficulty, since this is when they'll need you most.


Expect Imperfection

People are people; they can and do hurt each other. Friends are those who can forgive each other and let the relationship grow from there.



Talk to your friends! It is virtually impossible to maintain a friendship if you don’t communicate. When I say "talk," I don't mean just "text" or "post a message on Facebook." I mean talk, as in, face to face chatting.


Time Invest

Time is an investment in any friendship. Make time to spend with your friends; go out together, email, phone or text. Time is the glue that makes a friendship strong. Give your friends some of your time, so they'll know how important they are to you... and they'll do the same for you.

The basis of civilization is friends. From the dawn of time humans have grouped together based on needs; one of the most basic human needs is acceptance by our peers. In the simplest of terms, we humans all need friends who stick by us through good times and bad. Making good friends and maintaining healthy friendships takes work, it takes time and attention to our friends needs as well as our own. Think about it; who are your friends? Do you spend time with them? Do you listen to them and them to you?

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