7 Issues Couples Fight about ...


7 Issues Couples Fight about ...
7 Issues Couples Fight about ...

Couples argue: it's pretty much a fact of life. No matter how much you love each other, no matter how well you get along otherwise, every couple has issues. It's not the end of the world by any means, unless you find yourselves arguing more than you do anything else. No one wants a relationship based on fighting. The good thing is that you can familiarize yourself with the most common issues that cause couples to fight, and then you can figure out how to make them non-issues.

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Money can be an enormous issue, for a variety of reasons. You might not have enough; when finances get tight, it's easy – and understandable – to get frustrated. There might be issues involving joint or separate accounts, whose money is being used, and so on. There are ways to keep money from being such a hot button issue – and most of them involve talking to each other.



Sex is a huge issue and it can prompt a lot of tension, which can naturally lead to a lot of fights and arguments. The sex issue has different sides, primarily depending on the perspectives of either partner. Rather than arguing about sex, though, it's better to talk about it. However, the best option is to simply have it, and to make it as amazing as possible. Intimacy is a vital part of any relationship and having sex with the person you love can be highly intimate, not just passionate.


The past

It happens at one time or another, at least, that the past makes an appearance in every relationship. You might be dwelling on something your partner did once, or vice versa. While past occurrences can have important bearing on the present, you should never live in the past. If you have to discuss it, then by all means do – but don't throw past issues up in each other's faces.



Couples fight about ex boyfriends and girlfriends quite often as well. An ex might creep back into your partners life, your partner might be jealous of one of your exes – the possibilities are endless here. The two of you will really need to talk about this, but the best thing to do is make sure that any exes remain in their appropriate boundaries. You can be friends with an ex, but your partner will be at ease if you make the boundaries crystal clear.



Housework is both a mundane thing to fight about and a valid one. It's not a very exciting fight, but it's definitely a common one. The best thing you can do here is reveal your expectations to one another and rely on teamwork. Make up a schedule so that you both know what chores your responsible for, and which ones you share.



Work is a big issue as well, for a number of reasons. You might resent the fact that your partner spends so much time at work or vice versa, maybe you want the chance to go out into the workforce, or maybe one or the other of you wants to be able to take more time off. Either way, the only way you can get past an issue like this is to talk about it, while being fair and realistic.



This actually applies for even those couples who do not have children. For couples who do, however, the kids can be the root of a lot of arguments. That's hardly fair for them, but it still happens. More often than not, couples have different parenting techniques. Trying to understand each other's point of view is crucial for overcoming this issue. Couples who don't have children can argue about whether or not they want them, or what's going to happen when they do. In that case, compromise is key.

There are, of course, myriad other things that couples argue about, but these are seven of the most common ones. In most cases you'll find that every couple has many of the same issues, although the root causes may differ. How do you get past arguments with your partner?

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all of those can appear some way or another during fighting...

and religion. ...

Excellent list. A lot of good points. My husband and I normally fight about kids. He was raised care free and I was raised very strict. You have to understand each others point of view and find things to compromise on.

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