7 Relationship Issues You May Have ...


7 Relationship Issues You May Have ...
7 Relationship Issues You May Have ...

It can’t be helped sometimes. When more than one person is involved in a relationship, there’s bound to be problems. Even relationships between friends and neighbors can become strained. Generally speaking, no relationship is without problems. Even in a “match made in Heaven” issues arise that you may not have an answer for. Maybe you will find what you need in this article…

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Your Spouse Lacks Something You Desire

For instance, you a prank pulling, joke laughing kind of gal, but he is serious as a heart attack. What can you do? Invite him on a date where nothing but fun is allowed. You may also want to think about an afternoon with your best friend for a day of laughs. Last, make a list of all the good traits you love about your spouse and post them where you can view them often. Seeing all the wonderful things you fell in love with may make those traits he or she lacks less noticeable.


You stay at home all day and your neighbors and friends, and sometimes family, seem to assume you are free to run their errands. Just because you are home all day doesn’t mean you do not have things to do. Learn to say no and stand up for yourself.


Gift Exchange

You and your family decided to put a limit on the amount of money you spend on gifts, yet your one family member always spends twice the amount. While you probably appreciate her gifts, it may unnerve you the way she spends more than everyone else. Le her know you love her gifts, but it is not how much she spends, but the thought in the gift that you love the most.


Internet No-no’s with You Kids

You just discovered you child is looking at pornography on the Internet and need to know how to approach the subject. While this kind of curiosity is normal, you must let your child know this kind of behavior is not allowed and that you are going to block those kinds of websites from the computer. You may also want to move the computer to a more public area of the house.


Your Ex Wants You Back…

But you are not interested. You must be firm, and say no. When an ex boyfriend refuses to leave you alone, change your phone number and email address. If he is really obsessed, you may consider a restraining order. You never know when a person will seriously go crazy and try and hurt you.


He’s Reading Your Mail

If you have found your spouse reading your mail, email, or text messages, deal with it in a controlled, easy manner. If he or she has no reason to distrust you, ask why they are reading your private mail. If you have done something in the past that causes the mistrust, then explain that you love and trust him or her and that you hope to keep that lack of trust you caused in the past right there – in the past.


Nosy in-laws

Not all mother in laws are monster-in-laws. I happen to have a really good one! But is yours in the type that continually nag and butt their nose where it doesn’t belong, then it is time you take some action. Let them know that while you appreciate their concern and worry, you find it difficult to appreciate their constant questions. If they still do not take the hint, try skipping their questions and comments and simply change the subject.

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As we are in LDR (upto this month luckily) it is hard to meet.When he said he can't join me on our very 1st Anniversarry due to some urgent official work...I din't argue or anything dramatic. I just accepted the fact as I knew it is also heart breakening for him and if there is a slightest possibility of coming he'll. But as I din't do something "Dramatic" or "girly" he thought I am becoming cold about our relation. For me, when the situation is just reversed and I can't be there and he don't argue I feel neglected. So this is what I am talking...understanding and accepting each other better actually creating the problem for us. I think I am a bit clear now...about my problem.

Me and Mr. Me have a problem. We understand each other TOO well.He sometimes accepts my inability to do something so well that I feel neglected and for him I am cold when I can absolutely accept his inability to be with me on my birthday or something like that.Probably I am not very clear to make you understand this problem.

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