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If you live with a Negative Nancy, it can be extremely difficult to get this person to be all he/she can be. No matter how much of a pessimist your partner seems to be, you can still help to draw out the best qualities and abilities this person is capable of. Here is a list with 7 ways to bring out the best in your partner. I hope you are able to make a few work successfully for you.

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Help True Potential Be Realized

Some people don’t realize just how much potential they actually have stored up inside. Reassure your partner that the capability to do anything is there, it just needs to be tapped. If you can’t do this on your own, then enlist some close friends to help you out. Expect a lot of your partner – within reason – and your partner will have a much better chance at succeeding in releasing the potential inside.


Have Fun!

Laughter tends to make relationships stronger. Being able to laugh and have fun together is a great way to relax as well. You can bring out the best in your partner by easing the tension. Humor helps many people to be able to focus more on the important things and let the mundane ones slide right off their back.


Offer as Much Support as You Can

Being a supportive partner is more helpful than you can possibly imagine. Even if things don’t always work out, as long as you are supportive of your partner the desire to try again won’t be squelched. I can think of many times that I’ve failed at something in life. My husband has always been there to off moral support and let me know that I still have the ability to try again when there might be a greater chance of success.


Don’t Nag

People who tend to nag all the time often produce an air of negativity around themselves and those they care for. Calling constantly to remind your partner to drop off the rent money, commenting on the lack of exercise your partner is getting, or pointing out every little mistake made are all signs of nagging. Partners are supposed to be positive and help a loved one achieve great things, not cower in the corner at every comment. Making your partner fearful of what is going to come out of your mouth next will not help bring out the best in him/her. Getting rid of nagging tendencies will.


Admire All Accomplishments

Making note of even the smallest accomplishments can help to boost your partner’s self-esteem. The more confidence a person has in them, the more likely this person will be to succeed easily with future tasks. Even if you don’t think your partner feels a specific accomplishment is that big of deal, make it one. This small amount of admiration might be all that is necessary for your partner to feel like he/she is capable of anything.


Show Respect

Everyone deserves to be respected. Signs of respect include; listening attentively, providing assistance when it is obviously needed, giving people space, and supplying the truth at all times. There are plenty of additional ways to show respect. If your partner feels that you respect him/her, then your opinion will be more valued.


Verbalize How Great You Think Your Partner is

Adoration is often more moving than admiration. People like to be admired, but they love being adored. Falling into the habit of saying ‘I love you’ is relatively easy. These words might still mean a lot, but the sound of them has become so familiar that they might not give your partner the warm fuzzy feeling they used to. Offer a bit more by way of how you feel. Be descriptive enough that your partner realizes just how special you think he/she is.

These 7 ways to bring out the best in your partner get excellent results by being used together. Most people have at least a few automatic ways they use to help their partner give it their all. Additional ones can be learned over time and some might take a bit of practice to get right. Do you feel you have to help bring out the best in your partner? Or is your partner perfectly capable of doing fine on his/her own?

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Like they say, if you praise somebody for doing something right, it will make him/her do more and better things.

Never underestimate even the craziest idea.

This is esp important for me with regards to my boyfriend. Thanks.

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