7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Man ...


7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Man ...
7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Man ...

So I think we can all raise our hands on the "dated a jerk?" question. But in spite of all the losers and Mr. Wrongs we've come in contact with over the years, some of us are lucky enough to be blessed with that one special, perfect man in our lives. Being a newly-wed myself, I am determined to find every way possible to keep this feeling lasting forever. Skeptical? Eh, maybe not. But you can't blame a girl for trying! Here's 7 daily relationship tips for your man that are tried-and-true.

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And its back to the daily grind after a relaxing weekend that didn't last long enough. Isn't that how it always goes? There isn't really much you can do to stop the monday-blues or make them disappear for good, but you can at least let him know that the day will be over soon. Pop a little note into his lunch box for him to find. Write it on his napkin, a piece of your perfume scented stationary or on a cupcake with chocolate syrup. However you choose to do it, he will love the fact that you thought of him and it will be a quick escape from the stress. If slipping notes is not an option for you, a quick phone call on his lunch break will have the same effect!



Most people assume that women like to talk and men don't. While that may be true in some cases, Men do have feelings and emotions that sometimes need to be heard. So for today, give him a chance to talk! Listen without criticizing, taking offense or interrupting. Don't badger or push him, but do make it a point to ask him how his day was and actually sit down to talk with him. Try not to wash dishes or text with your bestie during the conversation, give him all of your attention and you may be surprised by how much he opens up to you!



Men like sex. And they like Lingerie. And they like spontaneity! So here we are, the middle of the boring work week and your tip for today is, break things up a bit! Meet him at the door wearing something lacy and see-through. I guarantee you'll get his attention pronto! If meeting him at the door isn't an option ( say you have guests over, room with another couple or don't get off work at the same time) than wake him up 20 minutes earlier than normal and see what happens. Or whisper subtly in his ear before he goes to work to hurry home......no matter how you choose to do it my guess is he will like it anyway!



My uncle has a favorite saying, "ya gotta eat". It's true! We all eat, even if it's just to scarf down a burger or snack around on chips. But what most of us want, especially men, is a good home cooked meal! I realize it's not convenient to whip up biscuits and pot roast from scratch every day for supper, but today, try your best to make him a yummy meal for dinner. Score extra points for you if it's his favorite meal. In fact, try to make it a goal to make him a good meal at least once a week! You can make extras and freeze them to have a quick meal ready any time you need it!



Well, it's the end of a stressful, long, hard work week. Your man has been booking it overtime and he needs a rest! So grab some massage oil, light a few candles and give him a good, no-strings-attached, 30 minute back massage! Follow up with a good back rub and I promise you he'll be in a great mood! Men liked to be pampered and loved on even if they don't admit it. My husband loves to get massages and sometimes we go get couples massages but he likes it just as well when I treat him to one here at home and I'm betting yours will too.



Ahhh!! The weekend is finally here!! Now I'm going to assume you will probably sleep in and enjoy your day off, but however you choose to enjoy it, let him decide. I know, I know, you wanted to go to that baby shower and then hit up the mall, but giving your man preference on what to do together and including him will give your relationship a big boost! Even if he just wants to hang out in the house and watch movies and play x-box all day, let him have that. Compromise and next week you can pick. And chances are, with as good as you've been to him all this week he will want to do something that you want to do as well!



This tip may be a little surprising to some of you. Today, take a shower, shave and fix your hair. Put on a little make-up and something besides your comfy sweats. Even if you're just hanging around the house. Why? Because your man enjoys seeing you all dolled up and who better to look pretty for than your sweetheart! When you first met him, something attracted him to you and I'm going to say it wasn't your old baggy t-shirts that you lounge around the house in. Fix yourself up and sit back and wait for the attention he will lavish on you!

If you make it a habit to follow these simple steps as often as you can and combine that with plenty of love and support for your man you will notice how much closer you seem to grow and how improved your relationship will be over time! Yes, relationships take two people, but one of them has to start it. So make the first move and reap the benefits!

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The cute note in the lunch box thing seriously goes a long way. Many men may admit they don't want to be embarrassed by it at work but the truth is nothing brightens the day up more.

one must have at least 10 sets of sexy lingeries

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