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10 Questions for Couples ...

By Melanie

I always enjoy reading questions and then answering them to myself. Maybe I am just weird, but I hope I am not the only one. I have noticed a lot of books have become popular and all they are full of is questions on various subjects. Well, think of this as a miniature blog full of questions as I am going to give you 10 questions for couples. Take note that I am not going to answer these questions for you – you have to answer them for yourself …

Table of contents:

  1. am i happy in my relationship?
  2. am i ready for kids?
  3. what would you change about yourself if you had the power to?
  4. what makes you feel loved?
  5. what annoys you about your mate?
  6. what have you learned from your past relationships?
  7. what do you love the most about your partner?
  8. does your partner love you?
  9. how important is sex to you?
  10. do you have any fantasies?

10 Am I Happy in My Relationship?

This, of course, just has to be amongst the questions you ask yourself. It is important to know if you are happy in a relationship. If you are truly not happy, then something has to change, because life is too short to live in Sadness.

9 Am I Ready for Kids?

If you are not ready for kids, then don’t trick yourself into thinking you are. Once you have a child, there is not backing out of it.

8 What Would You Change about Yourself if You Had the Power to?

7 What Makes You Feel Loved?

More than anything in the world, what is it that makes you feel loved? As for me, I feel loved when my husband is hugging me and stroking my hair. Oh yeah and hearing “I love you.”

6 What Annoys You about Your Mate?

What is the one thing that annoys you the most about your mate? Surely, you can think of something. Does he/she make a mess? Take too long to get ready? Snore?

5 What Have You Learned from Your past Relationships?

With this one, only you will be able to answer it. So, what have you learned? Will you try not to make that same mistake again?

4 What do You Love the Most about Your Partner?

Surely, your partner does something that just drives you crazy. So, what is it that you love the most about him or her?

3 Does Your Partner Love You?

Surely, you can tell whether or not your partner loves you. Do you honestly believe they do?

2 How Important is Sex to You?

Is sex just a little important or is it amongst one of the most important things in your relationship? Hey, it’s your question - not mine.

1 Do You Have Any Fantasies?

If you have fantasies, then perhaps, your partner doesn’t mind you sharing them with him/her.

There you have 10 questions for couples. From time to time, I try to do something a bit different with this blog to see how it works out amongst my readers. Did you like this? Also, feel free to post any answers to these questions – but you don’t have to.

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