7 Most Common Causes of Divorce ...


7 Most Common Causes of Divorce ...
7 Most Common Causes of Divorce ...

So many marriages in this day and age do not last. Gone seem to be the days when people stayed married to the same person. Now, it’s common to hear about having ex-wives and ex-husbands. I don’t see myself ever getting a divorce. I’m 25 and have been married for 7 years. He was my first and I was his. We’ve only had one partner. That’s not something you see very often. Below, I am going to give 7 most common causes of divorce…

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One Does Not like the Partner's Job

One Does Not like the Partner's Job Photo Credit: _DaveAdams

Of course, when you got married, you didn’t mind the job the partner had. However, things have changed and so has jobs. Sometimes, partners do not agree with the other's job and that can lead to a divorce. Some examples include working in a bar, a strip club and the military. Of course, I don’t think the strip club should be an option for someone who is married.


One Wants Kids and the Other Doesn’t

One Wants Kids and the Other Doesn’t Photo Credit: *Anfal

One wants to have kids, but the other doesn’t. This happens all too often. The other feels that they are ready for kids and wants to start a family, but the other one keeps saying that the time is not right and this leads to a divorce. This is something they can’t seem to agree on.


The disagreement over whether to have children can create an insurmountable rift within a marriage. It's not just a simple difference of opinion; it's about two people's fundamental life aspirations clashing. One may feel a deep yearning to nurture and raise children, viewing it as a key experience in their life, while the other might prioritize personal freedom, career, or simply lacks the desire for parenthood. Attempting to compromise on such a critical issue rarely works, as it touches upon core values and often leads to lingering resentments if one partner acquiesces against their true wishes. This dichotomy can erode the foundations of a relationship, sparking friction that may push couples towards the painful decision of divorce.


The Other is Too Religious

The Other is Too Religious Photo Credit: Tomitheos

Sometimes, one partner can be too religious and the other is not religious at all. In fact, he or she is the opposite and the partner keeps trying to force religion and church on them. This is when the partner needs to accept the other partner for who they are and not constantly push their religion and beliefs on them. People have their different beliefs.


The Partner Has Been Hiding Money

The Partner Has Been Hiding Money Photo Credit: Gnerk

I have heard of divorces that happen because the partner has been hiding money. The reason behind hiding the money was in case a divorce happens. That seems to make the other partner upset and angry at thinking the other thinks there could be a divorce.


Money Problems

Money Problems Photo Credit: johnr71

Money problems take the toll on so many marriages. When I first got with my husband, I told him that we were to never let money issues come in the way. We have been through a lot and have had money problems in the past, but do not argue over them. We always say that there is a solution to everything.


No Sex Life

No Sex Life Photo Credit: Åsta

Yes, having no sex life can cause a divorce. If you do not have a sex life, then it is time to start spicing things back up in that bedroom. Just because you are married does not mean that you no longer need to have sex. Relationships need this. It’s healthy. Oh, is this a shocker for those that have read my teen posts? I’m not against sex. Relationships needs it – as long as you’re ready.



Cheating Photo Credit: shadypi

Of course, cheating is the number one thing that leads to a divorce on my list. Come on, who wants to be with someone who was not faithful to them? There is a saying that once a cheater – always a cheater. Sure, people change, but I’m not sure if the cheating part changes. Cheat and get away with it and you’ll keep doing it.

There you have my list of 7 Most Common Causes of Divorce. Those are the things, in my opinion, that commonly cause a divorce. A divorce is not something that is fun to go through, but some throw parties and are happy when a divorce comes along. Before you get one, at least try to work it out and go through marriage counseling. Have you had a divorce in the past?

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I was once a cheater. The whole philosophy of 'once a cheater, always a cheater' isn't necessarily true. I know why I cheated, because I wasn't allowing myself to see that I wasn't happy with my marriage. Instead of coming to terms with what was wrong with it and working on it, I pushed the ideas to the back of my head and tried to be little mrs. perfect wife. Well, there's nothing perfect about not being in love with your husband anymore. Or about being in love with a different man. I'm not trying to make cheating sound ok, I'm just saying, it's always because of some other psychological issue that you need to address before you can be healthy and happy in another relationship.

Don't you ever say that you don't see yourself getting ever a divorce, because you'll never know what life can bring up to your marriage life. I'm married too but actually separated from my husband. I'm 21 i got married at 18 too and marriage went down the hole...

If sexual life is satisfactory, everything else looks very minor

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