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8 Reasons Your Friends Hate Your Boyfriend ...

By Melanie

Some friends do not like their friend's boyfriend just because, but then you have other friends who do not like him for reasons. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons your friends hate your boyfriend.

8 He’s Rude

He’s RudePhoto Credit: soakratesking6

Yeah, being rude is something that some guys specialize in. I never understood why girls are drawn to rude boys – maybe one of you will fill me in on this one. If your friends do not like your boyfriend and he is a rude boy, then that is probably why they do not like him.

7 He is Not Fun

Your friends may think that he is not fun. However, if you think he is fun, then you should not let this bother you. When it comes to fun, people have different ideas. Some people think skating is fun, others think it is boring – do you see what I mean?

6 He Cusses Too Much

He Cusses Too MuchPhoto Credit: Which Witch

Your friends may not like your boyfriend because he says too many cuss words. If this is so, then you could always ask your boyfriend to tone it down a little when he is around your friends.

5 He’s a Gamer

Face it, some people do not like gamers. Therefore, if your friends hate your boyfriend and he is a gamer, this could be the reason. There is no solution to this and you should not ask the boy to stop playing games – that is his hobby.

4 He Doesn’t Show Respect

He Doesn’t Show RespectPhoto Credit: Josh Kenzer

Does your boyfriend have a problem with showing respect? If so, then your friends have noticed this and that could very well be the reason they do not like your boyfriend.

3 He Goes to Parties

He Goes to PartiesPhoto Credit: /ltus

If your boyfriend is always going to parties and hanging out with friends, then your friends may not agree with this. This may be their reason.

2 He Doesn’t Go to Parties

Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

Then, you have some boys who do not go to parties and then you have friends that are tired of it because you won’t go to the party because your boyfriend will not go. In turn, then makes them despise your boyfriend.

1 He Does Not like Them

He Does Not like ThemPhoto Credit: alshepmcr

Yeah, usually when a boyfriend does not like the girl's friends, then the girl's friends are not going to like their boyfriend.

Those are 8 reasons your friends hate your boyfriend – I’m not saying all of them are reasons, but if your friends hate your boyfriend, then these reasons will get you a step closer to the truth. So, are you dealing with this problem right now?

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