7 Reasons to Skip Starcraft 2 ...


7 Reasons to Skip Starcraft 2 ...
7 Reasons to Skip Starcraft 2 ...

It's time to give you some reasons to skip Starcraft 2, one of blizzards new RTS games they produced just a few months ago. If you're looking for some advice to avoid this game, please read my 7 Reasons to Skip Starcraft!

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It's a RTS

It's a RTS Photo Credit: STARFEEDER

Real time strategy games can be boring if you want some action packed game. You might get action in this game, but you're simply moving multiple units across the map. Like most Starcraft games, you have three different races and different units and buildings to build. To some this can be boring.


Same Type of Game as the First

Same Type of Game as the First Photo Credit: STARFEEDER

This might be Starcraft 2, but it has the same aspect as the first one. You might get new units or buildings, but you still have zerglings, siege cannons and the zealots. The story is a bit different this time, but that's about all that is not the same.


High Graphic Computer Needed

High Graphic Computer Needed Photo Credit: anoop_gkris

Graphics can be hard to run on older machines. With the older computer, Starcraft 1 can play on almost any computer out. Now, you get a error the computer doesn't meet the requirements to run the game.


Too Interactive

Too Interactive Photo Credit: flux.org.uk

You can chat between buddies in cinemas or loading screens. Why not make it how it used to be, quiet and chat in a game. No one wants to get messaged during a cinematic scene.


No New Races

No New Races Photo Credit: BlizzLive

Of course they have the same old races like the Protoss, Zerg and Terran. Maybe they could have spiced it up a bit and made a good new race that came part to the story. However, that would add more stories for another time.


The Price

The price for Starcraft 2 now is $59.99 at any store. However, in a few years the price will be lower and at a better price. All PC games go down in price. Although, Blizzard has always made good games today, purchasing games such as Diablo 2 or Warcraft 3 is at a 30$ price tag.


The Disc Don't Mean Squat

The Disc Don't Mean Squat Photo Credit: Rubens Cavalheiro

All you need is a digital number saying you bought an account and a digital download. You don't need the disc and it makes it easy for you to purchase online. However, this stops people from buying it used and saving money. Also, you have to sign up with battle.net.

Starcraft 2 had a lot of players the first day it was out, but was it worth the time and money waiting? They held off on the production for 2 years when they first announced it. So, why wait for it and buy it full price? Do you think that Starcraft is your type of game?

Top Photo Credit: MrBeng

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