7 Easy Ways to Lose Your Boyfriend ...


7 Easy Ways to Lose Your Boyfriend ...
7 Easy Ways to Lose Your Boyfriend ...

You want to lose that boyfriend? While I believe in simply coming out of the closet and telling the guy you no longer want to be with him, I do understand that some girls do find it hard to tell the guy they no longer want to see them. Therefore, they try to find ways to get rid of him. Now, I am going to give you some tips, but doing things could cause a lot of anger from the guy and messing with emotions aren’t safe. Below are 7 easy ways to lose your boyfriend.

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Not Spend Time with Him

I think this would be a great way to lose him. Every time he asks you if you would spend some time with him, tell him that you will be busy. When he asks what you will be busy doing, for some additional anger, don’t tell him.


Don’t Communicate

We all known that communication is the key to having a healthy relationship, right? So, stop communicating with your boyfriend, but only do this if you want to lose him.


Argue with Him about Anything and Everything

Guys don’t like arguing. I don’t think anyone likes to argue. Wait, correct that, I know a couple of people that seem to like picking arguments, but anyone in their right mind would not want to constantly argue in a relationship. Arguing, to a certain degree, is fine and is normal, but when it is all the time and over everything – you do not want to do that.


Nag Him Constantly

Just as they hate arguments, they also hate nagging. Therefore, it is important that you nag him for everything and anything in order to get rid of him. Remember girl – Nag, nag, nag and nag some more!


Don’t Have Sex

Would you like to get rid of him from your life? Then get rid of him from your bed. Not having sex with him is a great idea if you are looking to lose him.


Flirt with Other Guys

Want to lose him for good? Flirt with other guys. For an even more added advantage, do it in front of him.



Last but certainly not least, cheating on him is a sure way to get rid of him. However, in my opinion, as a good girl, you should not sink to this level. Before it resorts to this, you should just come out of the closet and let him know that it is not working out. I have read too many news articles of killings because the partner cheated.

Those are 7 easy ways to lose your boyfriend. If your relationship is going bad, then I’m sorry. Just remember to stay safe while doing these things. When all else fails, you could always just “lose” him, literally by moving out of town, but only do that if you planned on moving in the first place. So, do you have any techniques you would like to add in here?

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I had a problem with communication with my ex. The problem was: I was trying to be a great girlfriend and he wasn't trying to be a great boyfriend. When I was trying to "communicate" my feelings, he thought I was "arguing about anything and everything." What can I say? We're definitely better off apart than together, but I just thought it was interesting how men and womens' viewpoints can differ drastically.

So, if I won't have sex with my boyfriend, then our relationship won't last? Then what about all the stuff I was taught growing up about waiting til marriage!? It was all a lie...? Wasn't it? Especially if I'm a virgin and my boyfriend isn't... That means it won't work?

Ow yeahh.. I had already applied no.4-7 to push aside all the guys who approached me if I was not into them. And so far, they all work for me =) But thanks again for sharing this tips.

I don't think I need this one but someone may...but before applying them think twice.Maybe you can also lose your future best friend.

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