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7 Ways to Deal with a Rebound Relationship ...

By Lyndsie

Rebound relationships happen all the time. Sometimes they're too short, sometimes they last for three months until you just want to move so you can get away from the guy (ahem); sometimes they're therapeutic, and sometimes they're damaging. Regardless, there are myriad ways to deal with a rebound relationship, such as the following techniques and tips, which may help with your next rebound.

1 Listen to Your Instincts

First and foremost, you have got to listen to your instincts. For the most part, with a rebound, you kind of have to focus on doing whatever feels right. If you think something meaningful will be best, go for it. If you just want something casual, that's fine too. If you decide a fling is the best way to go, then do it up – just be careful!

2 Date outside the Box

One great way to deal with a rebound relationship is to look for a rebound who is outside of your dating comfort zone. If you're used to dating guys who are into sports, date a guy who is into painting or books or video games or something. Go for someone you wouldn't normally, as long as they interest you in some way, and see where it leads you.

3 Get Back on the (Proverbial) Horse

After a bad breakup, some women prefer to just stay away from dating entirely. That's perfectly understandable, and it may be the best idea for you at first – but you can't hide under the covers forever. Instead, get back on the proverbial horse, even if you just go out for a night of harmless flirting. If you just mope around, you're doing a disservice to yourself and may be giving your ex the impression you're hopeless without him.

4 Don't Stop Believing

One of the most important ways to deal with a rebound relationship is to keep believing in love. Just because your last relationship didn't work out doesn't mean a future relationship won't – whether it's your rebound or what comes after it. There is someone out there for you, someone who will make you happy; don't stop thinking that.

5 Be Mysterious

There's no reason you have to let anyone know you're on the rebound. Let people wonder whether you're with someone or not, so you don't get pigeonholed into an actual relationship right away. There's no rules saying you can't just have fun, you know?

6 Talk to Your Friends

If you're looking for a rebound, then one great way to deal with a rebound relationship is to get by with a little help from your friends. Talk to your social circle, see if anyone can introduce you to someone. Make sure they know you don't want anything serious. This way, however, you can still have fun with your friends.

7 Maybe It's Not a Rebound

Finally, realize that not every rebound has to be a rebound. It might seem like that, and then grow into something more. Just because you start dating someone after a breakup does not mean it's destined to be a rebound. Love grows out of the most unsuspecting places.

There are many ways to deal with a rebound relationship, it all depends on the individual. Then, too, some people aren't interested in the whole rebound situation at all, or don't believe it has to exist. What do you think?

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