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Whether it’s through a friend, the grapevine, or actually seeing your man cheating on you, it’s never a pleasant feeling. I can think of at least 7 ways to react when you find out he’s cheating on you. I’ve listed them below and I’m sure not everyone will find each tactic as a desirable way to handle a cheating partner. See what you think and please add your thoughts in the comment section.

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Think about Your Own Recent Behavior

Have you been shunning him? Did you say anything that he could take as a signal you weren’t interested in him anymore? This is a good time to make sure you weren’t the one who initiated the end of your relationship. He could be under the impression that you were leaving him and his actions might not seem to him like he’s cheating, since he thinks you two are no longer an item. This entire situation could be one giant misunderstanding.


Try to Recall if His Actions Have Been Leading up to This Moment

Has he been doing odd things lately that should have been signs he was cheating on you? Think back to his behavior; secret phone calls, unknown text messages, or other sneaky actions. It’s possible you weren’t more observant in the past and you could have talked things out with him before the cheating began.


Catch Him in the Act

I know if I were to hear a rumor about my guy cheating on me, I’d have to see it to believe it. If this is the case for you, who are you going to trust; someone else’s word or your own eyes?


Change the Locks on the House

This seems to be a popular reaction in the movies. A woman finds out her man is cheating on her and she rushes home to have the locks changed on all the doors. It might work for some women. I’ve personally changed locks on many doors and it’s a huge pain in the rear end. But, if you truly cannot talk things over with your cheating man, then changing the locks might be the right route to take.


Confront the Person He’s Cheating on You with

I wouldn’t recommend the Jerry Springer approach – fists flying; hair pulling. I also don’t know which would be easier; confronting a friend who has become intimate with your man or confronting a complete stranger. This would be a good way to get another side of the story too.


Throw His Stuff out on the Front Lawn

I think this reaction tends to accompany the changing of the locks. However, it can be just as effective for getting your point across if you just toss his belonging out on the grass and skip the lock change. When he comes home and finds his things strewn across the yard, he’ll know you’re upset!


Ask Him Why He’s Cheating on You

To me, this seems like the most rational reaction of all. Go right to the source and find out why he’s been cheating on you. You can be mad at him all you want, but it’s good to at least hear what his excuse is.

From this list of 7 ways to react when you find out he’s cheating on you, do you think any of them are too extreme? Feel free to let me know what you would do if you found out your man was cheating on you.

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I wanted to do a lot of those things, but at the time the pain and hurt of finding out that the person I love and care for could cheat on me after 6 years of being together and 2mnths after having our first born could hurt me so much and be so selfish...I froze...I called him while he was at work and told him I know and that I wanted a divorce..I told him not to come home I packed up everything emptied out our childs room and left him...I cried and cried and laid in bed and I kept asking myself why me...am I ugly, am I boring...what did I do wrong..I called hime two weeks later he said I have always been the most beautiful and that he always has loved me..he just wanted "more" just sex not a relationship...I'm only 23 but to be"sex" isn't "just sex" it means a lot more to me..he left me heart broken!

8 years left on my own with two kids,need to carry on but when does it stop hurting???

40grand in debt, how much lying cheating and deceiving did that take over 5 years of marriage. Trust me, it's not always the men. She did me a favour in the end, I got shut of her and am now happy as Larry ( and debt free).

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