7 Reasons to Avoid Redbox ...


7 Reasons to Avoid Redbox ...
7 Reasons to Avoid Redbox ...

Charged Each Day

Charged Each Day Photo Credit: macbooknovice

I know, they are only charging you a buck a day, but believe me, that buck each day is going to add up. If you keep the movie out for 5 days, then you will be charged five dollars. It’s easy if you turn the movie in the next day, but sometimes, we forget to do this.

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The Discs Are Scratched

The Discs Are Scratched Photo Credit: ilamont.com

I know, they are not always scratched, but when that machine spits out a disc, it charges you 1.00. You will not be able to get your money back if the disc is scratched. It’s just 1.00, but nonetheless, it is disappointing.


The Germs

The Germs Photo Credit: melissss

Yeah, yeah, I know, you can’t be scared of everything, but just like a movie rental store, you really do not know where those movies have been. For all I know, someone could of sniffed cocaine off of it. Hey, I’m just saying …


Return by 9:00 PM or Pay a Late Fee

Return by 9:00 PM or Pay a Late Fee Photo Credit: Glyph Hunter

Not only are the movies 1.00 a day, but if you do not return it back by 9:00 pm, you will be charged a late fee. You then have to focus your day on making sure you turn that movie in by 9pm.


Not Convenient

Not Convenient Photo Credit: zyphbear

I don’t know about you, but I do not think Redbox is convenient at all. I don’t like standing in line watching people pick their movies. It’s annoying when they could do it at home and have everything ready.


Credit Card

Credit Card Photo Credit: ilamont.com

I really do not like putting my credit/debit/PayPal card into any outside machine. Redbox does not take money. It would be kind of cool if you could insert change into it and get a movie – but that is not going to happen.


There is Netflix

There is Netflix Photo Credit: dolphinsdock

Yes, Netflix rules and they are cheaper and more convenient than Redbox. Redbox, move out of the way, it’s time to pay only 8.99 a month and get access to an unlimited amount of movies that I can instantly get on my Xbox 360.

There are more than 7 reasons to avoid Redbox. Can you think of any others?

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The whole reason you need to use a credit card for redbox is because of the risk someone doesn't return a movie. If you simply insert $1 you could walk away with the movie and no one would ever know if you didn't return it. By putting in your card they have a way to make you pay if you refuse to return it.

Actually about #3, you can go to redbox's website and purchase the movie you want online. It will tell you which redbox's near you have the movie you want and then you can purchase it, go to the redbox you purchased it from and just put the credit card you used online in. Personally I find it pretty convenient.

I understand where you are coming from but if you live close by a redbox they truly are convenient. I literally live right down the street from one and use it all the time. Returning it on time is never an issue because it is just a five minute walk. I know my neighbors are also just as inlove with it as my family is.

@ Aprille - btw - I like your blog. Like I said, I completely agree with you and use Netflix too.

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