10 Secrets of a Lasting Marriage ...


10 Secrets of a Lasting Marriage ...
10 Secrets of a Lasting Marriage ...

Having a strong marriage is definitely needed in this world or else it will lead to divorce. No one wants to go through a divorce. I have been married for 7 years and I'm 25 years old. Some will say I got married too young, but I think I have a better marriage than some who got married when they were 30! Below, I am going to give you 10 secrets of a lasting marriage.

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Respect Photo Credit: Angelo Nairod

When you are in a marriage, it is important to have respect for the other person. Now, I do not mean to call them sir or ma’am, but you should respect their opinions they have and don’t act like they always have stupid ideas.


Don’t Act like You Are Always Right

In many marriages, there is a spouse who acts like they are always right, when really, they are wrong. It’s okay for your partner to be the one that is right. I always say that in a marriage, no one is right and no one is wrong. It’s not some type of game that you are playing. No one is keeping a score.



Privacy Photo Credit: Gabriela Camerotti

Sometimes, the other just wants to have privacy. This may mean sitting outside or soaking in the bathroom. Give your partner privacy.



Space Photo Credit: Emuishere Peliculas

Just like privacy, space should be given. I do not mean to sleep in different rooms or to move out for the night. I mean to give your partner space for doing something they want to do.


Share Hobbies Together

Share Hobbies Together Photo Credit: Schooksonruss

My husband and I like playing video games together, so that is like a hobby. It is important that you find some hobbies to do together.


Stop Flirting

When you got married, all flirting should have went out the window. Couples are no longer allowed to flirt with the opposite sex. If you flirt with someone, then you’re not really being respectful to your spouse.


Take Care of Your Spouse

Take Care of Your Spouse Photo Credit: nomac*nolife

When your spouse is sick, then do what the vows said and take care of them. If you are the sick spouse, then don’t be too bossy or rude to the one who is taking care of you!


Watch What You Say

Sure, when you are mad, you say the meanest things, but you should watch what you say. You do not want to tell the partner that you regret marrying them, because those are words that will stick.


Do Not Shoot down Their Hobby

Photo Credit: Conservative22

I read many posts where the girl is downing the guys hobby of playing video games. I have also read posts where the guy is not allowed to play video games because the wife thought it was a childish thing. If he wants to play video games, then let him! Don’t make him get rid of his Final Fantasy collection or stop playing World of Warcraft. He’s not a child, so don’t treat him like one. This can be put vice versa too.



I told you, sleeping with others is out of the picture! My husband and I have only been with each other and that’s how we plan on keeping it. We both lost our virginity to each other and I think that is special. If you marry someone who has slept with tons of men or women, then let’s hope that streak will not continue. You married him or her because you trust them, right? I know that in many relationships, cheating is a big issue. Just don’t cheat. This equals divorce!

Those are 10 secrets of a lasting marriage. Of course, I am not a “professional” marriage counselor, but I am a girl who has been married for 7 years, so I can give you some advice. If you shoot down my advice, then I’m sorry you didn’t like it, but I’m not sorry that it has been working for me. So, do you have any advice to share?

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