9 Love Tips That Saved My Best Friend's Marriage ...


While weddings are always fun and amazing, the marriage afterwards can be a lot harder than expected. I mean, you’ve probably already lived together, and know each other inside out, but once you’ve spent a fortune on being a fairytale couple for a day and spent two weeks on an amazing honeymoon together, you can come down to Earth with a bump when you get home. This happened to one of my best friends, and here are the nine love tips that saved the marriage...

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Talk Photo Credit: Carlo Nicora

This is obvious, but is often forgotten. As well as having a physical relationship, you need to stay emotionally connected, and to do this, you need to talk. Not just everyday chat, but make time to tell each other how you feel, and to properly bond with each other. Do you remember the neverending conversations when you were dating, and would talk all night? Don’t lose that, and you’ll be much stronger.


Don’t Get Distracted

Don’t Get Distracted Photo Credit: Missus L

It can be easy to get distracted by phones, computers and facebook, and this can leave little time to enjoy your relationship. Remember that the everyday parts of life don’t count as spending time together...it’s nice to do them together, but you need more then just eating together everyday to keep you close. Have some time each week with no distractions, and keep yourself close.


Date Night

Date Night Photo Credit: Ben Heine

Once a week or a fortnight, depending on your schedules and finances, have a date night. Pick a venue that you won’t bump into anyone you know, and prepare properly, as if it was a first date. Enjoy getting to know each other again! If you get into the habit of doing this, it will be an event that can solve problems, and keep you on track through the bad times as well as the good.


Keep Some Mystery

Keep Some Mystery Photo Credit: Rachel Roses (Countess of Beaumont)

Old underwear and dirty laundry aren’t exactly sexy, so keep things fresh by keeping some mystery. Buy sexy new underwear, and make sure that you keep yourself in good condition. Shave with the doors closed, and moisturize regularly. While he might know that you aren’t naturally hairless and soft, he doesn’t need to see the proof!


Stay Busy

Stay Busy Photo Credit: JBrealow

Keep some individual hobbies. I love to play tennis, and play once a week alone, and one with my partner. As well as letting me get better then him, it gives me some time on my own, and he plays football and games with the guys at least once a week. You don’t need to lose yourselves in each other, so make sure you keep some of what makes you an individual, in order to stay happy and interesting.


Be Sensual

Be Sensual Photo Credit: jitterdoug

This was a tip that I’ll admit that I doubted a little, but my friend now swears by it. Add some sensuality into your house. Smells can do a lot for your mood...if you want to set a homely mood, cook fresh bread just before he gets home from work. I love the smell of fresh bread, but even those who don’t will find it reminds them of happy homes! For more sexy sensuality, use sexy foods such as asparagus and oysters, and share a candlelit bath with sensual oils. Your senses are a great way to boost your libido!


Surprise Him

Surprise Him Photo Credit: Markusram

Men are very visual creatures, so once in a while, make a special effort for him. Go sexy, with a tight fitting dress up outfit and latex, or go sexy yet ladylike in some skimpy lace teamed with high heels. He can’t help but be interested, and it’ll mean you’ll have his full attention, which will boost your confidence too!


Make Time

Make Time Photo Credit: _Paula AnDDrade

Most people believe that relationships and sex should be spontaneous, but in this day and age, a lot can get in the way. If you make time for sex, and mix it up occasionally, you’ll ensure that your relationship remains close and functional. Try seducing him at a different time to norm al, or sending him a sexy text while he’s out, or taking control if you don’t usually. If your sex life is functional, and you use the closeness afterwards to talk and bond, you’ll find your relationship remains healthy!



Reminisce Photo Credit: Paulo Rodrigues UK

Spend some time talking about when you met, what attracted you to each other, and thinking about the good times. Whether its the first time you saw each other or that holiday you took together, revoking happy memories is a great bonding exercise, and if you record your thoughts in photo albums, you’ll have great memories to share with your grandchildren, too!

These tips were some of many given to my friend, who really thought her relationship couldn’t survive. These were the ones that worked! She’s happier then ever, now, and is always telling me about her latest plans for her partner...they make an amazing couple! Have you got a tip for keeping marriages happy? Please let me know!

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