9 Tips to Make Sure You Stay Together ...


I am going to give you 9 tips to make sure you stay together. I know, many of you will probably say that the title needs to be different, perhaps 9 things a relationship needs. Either way, your relationship needs them and they will help keep you together – so continue reading my tips below …

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Be Nice to Each Other

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Be nice to one another. Instead of getting onto your partner for the things he or she has not done – tell them how thankful you are for what they have done. This is one of those things where you cast those negatives to the side and look at all of the positives. Try doing this for 24 hours and see how you like it. Then, try it for the rest of your life.


Keep That Date Night

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Yes, yes, date night may sound corny if you are married – but it’s really not. There is nothing that you should be ashamed of with date night. Maybe you could make every Friday a date night.



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In any relationship, communication is always the key. If you do not keep communication alive and going, then your relationship could die down. In order to keep it growing, you will need to keep communicating with each other.


Recognize the Other Has Needs

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You know that you have needs, but it is time to recognize that your partner has needs as well.


Compliment One Another

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Whenever you see a compliment due, make sure you give it. If you especially like his hair today, let him know. If you like the way her eyes shine in the sun, then tell her.


Don’t Let the Day End with a Conflict at Hand

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You should never go to bed mad at one another. You never really know when you are going to take your last breath and you don’t want to end things so harsh. Never let the day end with an argument at hand. You can easily come up with an agreement.


Bury Those past Mistakes

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Stop bringing up those mistakes from the past. Sure, things may not of went your way in the past, but don’t remind each other of them. It’s about time you get over it and bury those past mistakes deep down in the ground where they belong.


Don’t Argue over Money

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So many relationships end because of money. I never understood where it gets you when you argue over money. Instead of arguing, go make money – find a way. There are many opportunities online that will give you a chance to make money. Like me, I am always accepting new writers.


Don’t Cheat

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I am definitely going to list this as number 1. If you want to destroy a relationship, then you would cheat. This will screw up a relationship in an instant and really, things will not go back like they used to be (if you stay together). Therefore, don’t cheat. It’s really no that hard to do.

There you have 9 tips to make sure you stay together. Take note that nothing is in stone, but these are a start to helping your relationship. Remember, you have to nourish a relationship in order for it to grow. Do you have any tips you would like to add?

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