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8 Things about Marriage No One Told You ...

By Melanie

Marriage has its fun times and there is no denying that. Marriage is a bond between two people. There is no stronger bond. However, there are 8 things about marriage no one told you and that is what I am about to share with you, so get ready …

8 It’s Not All Fun and Games

It’s Not All Fun and GamesPhoto Credit: Digi Butterfly

When little girls think about marriage, they think about a fairy tale. However, this is not how marriage is. It is not all fun and games. In order to get up in the world, the two of you will need to work together and sometimes, there will not be happiness. The two of you will need to learn how to find happiness…together.

7 There Will Be Mistakes

There Will Be MistakesPhoto Credit: mr.bmonroe

People are only people. There will be mistakes. Of course, the “mistakes” should not be cheating. By mistakes, I am talking about losing keys, forgetting to wash the car, managing to make everyone - your spouse and your parents more or less happy with each other and so on. You should not nag your partner when they make those simple mistakes. And more often than not, they'll forgive you too.


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6 Things Aren’t Just Handed to You

You will not have things handed down to you like you did when you were a kid. You are now an adult. In this day and age, you can’t just rely on your spouse to do everything for you. You will need to pitch in too and help them out.

5 Your Spouse May Snore

Your Spouse May SnorePhoto Credit: nycjamie

Yes, this is a funny one. Of course, if I knew my spouse snored, I would have still married him. It may be annoying, but I figure I’ll just put ear plugs in each night. I would much rather do this than not sleep next to him.

4 You and Your Spouse Will Have Different Opinions

You and Your Spouse Will Have Different OpinionsPhoto Credit: Lizette Greco

Of course, you and your spouse will have different opinions and there is no doubt about this. Maybe he likes video games and you don’t. Maybe he likes cars and you don’t. Maybe she likes art and you don’t. One may be clean, one may be dirty. He likes horror movies while she likes romantic movies. Everyone has their different take on things. You have to live with their opinions.

3 You Will Work Harder than Ever

When you thought of marriage, you thought that “work” meant small things, like taking out the garbage, cleaning the house and all that stuff. However, I do not mean it like this. Those of you who are married know what I mean. You will work harder for the relationship than you ever did in the past.

2 You Can Only Change Yourself

So many people try to change their spouse. Trying to change a spouse is no good. It is important to remember that you can only change yourself. You shouldn’t try to change your spouse. You married them that way and that is how they will stay.

1 You Can’t Forget about Love

So many people get married and that’s it. After that, they go on with their life. They go to work, come home and think that just because they are married, the love is not going to fade. However, this is not true. You need to build your relationship – still.

There you have 8 things no one ever told you about marriage. Of course, there are many other things that people do not tell you about marriage. Would you care to mention some of them?

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