10 Strange Ways to Get Married ...


10 Strange Ways to Get Married ...
10 Strange Ways to Get Married ...

Some people enjoy getting married in a chapel as the bride wears a white dress and the groom wears a black tuxedo with all of their family and friends around them. Then, you have others who like getting married in different ways. Apparently, standing in a church just is not memorable enough for them. Hey, if you are in the need of some strange wedding ideas, then you are in luck, because I am going to give you my top 10 strange ways to get married…

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Skydiving Wedding

Skydiving Wedding Photo Credit: PrettyProblem

How about a skydiving wedding? What? You don’t like the thought of plunging from the sky as you are watching the ground get closer and closer? Well, some people actually dig this. It once started out as a rare event and has now gone up in popularity as it is on the list of wedding planners all over the world.


Mount Kembla Wedding

Mount Kembla Wedding Photo Credit: kelpenhagen

How about a Mount Kembla wedding? C'mon you can't tell me that you don't find the idea of a mountain top wedding just a little bit intriguing. Plus imagine how gorgeous the wedding photoswill turn out to be!


A Clue Style Wedding

A Clue Style Wedding Photo Credit: deadeyebart a.k.a Brett

Would you like to add a hint of murder in your nupitals? Then try a living game of Clue that has a carefully scripted murder plot as a party theme. It makes for a great wedding reception! And hey,family games are always fun!


Star Trek for All of You Trekkies!

Star Trek for All of You Trekkies! Photo Credit: -anna-

How could we forget about a Star Trek wedding? If the bride and groom dig Star Trek, then why not have a Star Trekthemed wedding? Have everyone involved, dressed as characters from the movie. Maybe you could even say your vows in Klingon!


Bungee Jumping Wedding

Bungee Jumping Wedding Photo Credit: tranchis

If you didn’t like number 10, what about number 6? Bungee jumping is a lot like skydiving, except you will have a bungee cord attached to you. Yeah, it is a bit more safer than number ten. This is the weird wedding theme where the couples are bouncing in the air right above the ground. Hey, maybe this means the new spouse will know how to handle the ups and downs of life. The unfortunate part is that you probably can't wear a wedding dress for this one.


Did Someone Say a Wet Wedding?

Did Someone Say a Wet Wedding? Photo Credit: nattu

For those that love the thought of wet weddings, I have something in mind for you. How about a scuba diving wedding? It can be arranged so that everyone, including the bride, groom and flower girl are under the water. Doesn’t that sound fun and exciting?


Star Wars Wedding

Star Wars Wedding Photo Credit: stefan

Well, they have a Star Trek wedding, so we can’t leave out a Star Wars wedding or we may have some rants and raves on this blog from Star Wars fans! Star Wars started in 1977 and still has a cult following! So, if you are a Star Wars fan, then the Star Wars wedding may be the choice for you... of course as long as you can convince your spouse to allow it. Don't forget a Star Trekwedding cake to go with it.


NASCAR Wedding

NASCAR Wedding Photo Credit: theloushe

Do you both enjoy cool racing cars? If you and your spouse love the roar of engines, then a NASCAR themed wedding does not sound like a bad idea.


Wicca Wedding

Wicca Wedding Photo Credit: cangeceiro

Does your worship call for being in a field? If it does, then getting married in that field makes total sense. “Handfasting” to Wiccans and Pagans is a normal event for weddings, even if the rest of the world finds it a bit strange.


World of Warcraft Wedding

World of Warcraft Wedding Photo Credit: Ramon Snellink

Okay, I wish I could have had one of these considering I love all kinds of videogames! World of Warcraft is a MMORPG that has a lot of fans worldwide, including me. You can play as warlocks, ogres, elves and others. How about having a World of Warcraft wedding and resuming those identities? You could have a Night Elf Wedding or maybe a Death Knight wedding.

There you have the top 10 strange ways to get married. Remember, these ways may seem strange to some, but to others, these ways are not strange enough! Yes, there are even stranger ways to get married. What could get any stranger than a scuba diving wedding? Do you have any ideas for an even stranger wedding?

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Top Photo Credit: smoothdude

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Haha... great post! When I get married I don't want to do something traditional and though I'm scared of heights, the bungee jumping idea is strangely interesting and exciting to me. Cute pic for the Star Wars idea! xo, becs

Would you ever get married like this? TravelTuesday (via Twitter)

I seen so many star trek weddings on the internet! These are great finds on strange weddings! We love playing Clue, that would be so fun for a murder mystery party during your wedding!

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